How to use a naked facial cleanser

How to use a naked facial cleanser

Our naked facial cleansers, and soaps, Fresh Farmacy, Coalface and Movis, let you lather up and get squeaky-clean with fresh, effective ingredients. Each one is formulated for different skin needs: Fresh Farmacy is a softening, soothing dream for sensitive and troubled skin; Ultra-bland gently removes makeup and lightly cleanses all skin types; Coalface helps to mop up excess oil while balancing hydration for combo complexion and Movis gently exfoliates and nourishes dryness and dullness. But how exactly do you use them? Just follow these easy steps:


Splash some water on your face, then wet the cleanser under the tap.


Create a lather between your hands and set the bar or pad somewhere dry and draining.


Massage the cleansing foam into your skin in small circles.


Rinse your face clean and gently pat dry with a soft and fluffy face towel.


Follow with a great toner and moisturizer to lock in the benefits.