How to use a lip scrub

How to use a lip scrub

Our lip scrubs are made with a nourishing base of castor sugar and organic jojoba oil to buff away dry skin while keeping them soft and hydrated. Plus, ethically-sourced essential oils and absolutes give them delicious scents and flavors. Choose between our most popular ones like the cocoa-hazelnut indulgence of Cookie Dough, candy-sweet Bubblegum, or our bestseller Mint Julips for a refreshing minty scrub.


Make sure your lips are clean, then take a pea-sized amount of product with your finger.


Scrub your lips soft with small, circular motions. Be sure you cover the upper and lower lip thoroughly.


Now the fun part! You can either lick off the excess and enjoy the tasty flavor or remove it with a damp, clean towel.