How to use Lush melts

How to use Lush melts

Lush aroma and bath melts were created so you can sink into the luxury of your favorite scents, either by dispersing their delights in a wax warmer or by dropping them in a warm bath for some body-nourishing hydration.


Once you've chosen your favorite scent, break off one or two pieces.


Either fill your tub with steamy hot water or prepare your wax warmer.


For the Bath: Drop your squares in the water and sink in to experience your favorite scents as nourishing fair trade organic cocoa and illipe butters hydrate your skin.


With Your Wax Warmer: Add your squares to your wax warmer. Ensure it's on a flat surface and then add a tea light candle or turn on your electric warmer. The aroma will unleash as it melts!