How to use Massage Bars

How to use Massage Bars

As our solid massage bars begin to melt over warm skin, the nourishing butters and oils help hands glide smoothly all over the body. Beautiful essential oil blends release to enhance the mood. The rest is up to you.


Rub the massage bar between your hands to warm it up, or rub it directly onto the area you’re massaging.


Once the butters and oils begin to melt, you’ll feel your hands start to glide smoothly over the body. Put the bar aside (into one of our oval containers or other safe spot, not onto the sheets!) and spread the nourishing butters and oils all over the skin.


Using a gliding motion, with even pressure, begin your massage. Use the whole of your hands and strength of your fingers to massage the neck area, back, arms and hands, all the way to legs and feet. Focus on areas that are especially tense to work out those sore muscles.