How to use a shampoo bar

How to use a shampoo bar

Using a shampoo bar is a great, waste-free alternative to liquid shampoos. These mighty bars may be small but are fully-packed with exquisite essential oils, fresh ingredients and have an impressive lathering ability that makes them incredibly long-lasting. Each bar can last up to 60 washes—the estimated equivalent of up to three 200ml bottles of liquid shampoo! Take good care of those lovely locks with nourishing ingredients and none of the wasteful plastic.


Hop in the shower and fully soak your hair with warm water. Keep your favorite Lush shampoo bar nearby.


Take the bar and rub it between your wet hands to create a lather, or directly onto hair. Two to three strokes across wet hair will get a rich foam going.


Put the bar aside and take a moment to massage your scalp using your fingers (no nails!).


When you’re happily clean, rinse off with warm water. Make sure there's no product left on the scalp or hair.


Once rinsed, apply your favorite conditioner or let dry and style! You'll leave with happy and healthy hair knowing that you didn't use any wasteful plastic.