How to use a bubble bar

How to use a bubble bar

Bountiful baths brimming with Hollywood-style foam are possible—but not with drab old liquid bubble bath. Instead, our innovative, packaging-free and solid bubble bars let you crumble up a good time and then luxuriate in boundless bubbles scented with gorgeous essential oils. From bestsellers like the cassis sweetness of The Comforter or the soothing lavender calm of A French Kiss, you'll find the perfect bubbler to melt your cares away. But how exactly do you use one? Follow this guide to get mounds of fluffy cloud-like bubbles every time.


Grab your favorite bubble bar. Most bars are good for one bath, but bigger bubblers like The Comforter can be divided up and used two or three times.


Next, run your bath with the drain open until you reach the perfect temperature for comfortable bathing.


As soon as you secure the stopper, crumble the bar by hand into small pieces under the flow. Once the bar is gone, swirl the water to encourage more bubble growth.


Check the water's height by hand (since it'll be obscured by the rapidly-growing bubbles) to make sure the level doesn't get too high before you get in.


Ease yourself in, lie back and enjoy the skin-softening effects and mood-boosting benefits.