Wild routine product guide

Wild routine product guide

Ready for wildly good cosmetics that help wildlife to thrive? Introducing you to your new favourite routines, refreshing you from head to toe while boosting biodiversity habitats from your bathroom!

Lush carefully sources its ingredients from suppliers around the world, many who are helping to protect and restore key habitats in high biodiversity areas. How will you rewild your routine?

Seeking an uplifting and refreshing skin care routine?

Lush’s hand harvested Sea Salt helps our feathered friend Flamingos while also helping your skin to feel glowing and refreshed after a busy day.

  • Step 1: Remove your makeup with the solid, package-free Tea Totaler Cleansing Bar, filled with balancing tea tree oil as well as toning sea salt.
  • Step 2: Then, wash your face with clay based Aqua Marina Cleanser which is perfect for mattifying oily skin. While clay and sea salt cleanses, soothing aloe vera gel and carrageenan extract oil smooth and hydrate.  
  • Step 3: If you fancy an additional deep clean, Ocean Salt Face and Body Scrub is the perfect pick to finish freshening up. This all time bestselling scrub is now available in 2 formulas; original or self preserving (naturally preserved). Finish your routine by using a toner and a moisturiser that meets your needs. The choice is yours! 

Looking for a perfect start to sleepy time?

Let lavender bloom in your body care routine, and soften up with soya oil.  Both ingredients are sourced from suppliers that help pollinators to thrive.  

  • Step 1: Everyone’s favourite body lotion of all time, Sleepy Body Lotion, is the perfect pick for night time body care. Our Bulgarian Lavender Oil helps pollinator homes to thrive, and Tonka Absolute helps keep wild Jaguars’ rainforest standing. It’s a sweet, lavender lullaby! 
  • Step 2: Give your paws a perfect treat. Mask your hands with Sweet Wild Orange Hand Balm containing enriching Soya Oil from a biodiversity-friendly farm, and Lush Japan’s bestselling cuticle butter Lemony Flutter for tired nails.
  • Step 3: For the final touch, veil yourself with Twilight Body Spray. The iconic sleepy scent will help you drift soundly to sleep, and the base of organic ethanol is sourced from a farm in Brazil which grows biodiversity buffer zones.

From the shower to the rainforest

This well known antibacterial herb, Dark Sumatran Patchouli, will keep you fresh while keeping the Orangutans’ home flourishing. 

  • Step 2: Don’t forget to lotion-up after a shower. Solid massage oil Karma Massage Bar will be an easy and quick solution for a busy morning. Melt it with your hand or smooth directly onto your skin for a silky, soft sensation. 
  • Step 3: Ready to go? Keys, wallet, phone… Wash Card! Add a Lord of Misrule Wash Card in your bag so you’re ready for anything. This packaging-free, paper-like soap is perfect on the go, and contains forest-protecting patchouli.

We’ve got three routine ideas but there is plenty more to discover. Please head to your local Lush shop to join the Lush Biodiversity Trail tour.

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