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Good Karma... Everybody Needs Some

Earthy patchouli & ripe orange

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Our iconic patchouli and sunny orange scent for clean skin and good vibes.

How to use

Lather up and spread the love all over for clean skin and instant good vibes.

Smells like

London's Kensington Market in the ‘60s; incense wafting amongst crates of fresh oranges.



Good Karma... Everybody Needs Some
Good Karma... Everybody Needs Some
Good Karma... Everybody Needs Some
Good Karma... Everybody Needs Some
Good Karma... Everybody Needs Some
Good Karma... Everybody Needs Some

What's in it for you?

Lather up and chill out with Karma, a beloved scent at Lush for over 20 years. Inspired by the hippy vibes of the ‘60s, the essential oil blend in this shower gel has a grounding, earthy patchouli base along with uplifting orange and lemongrass oils. Cleanse your skin and refresh your soul.

Customer Reviews

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Aston Maharaj
OMG Love

Good Karma... Everybody Needs Some is a sensory masterpiece that effortlessly captivates the essence of tranquility and positivity. From the moment you apply this enchanting fragrance to your skin, you embark on a journey of olfactory delight that transcends the ordinary.

Also love the little samples i get with it !!! i feel like i got way more than i paid for amazing. !!!

Best Shower Gel

Took me back to one of the first times ever being in a Lush shop like 18 years ago, always remember there being one I really liked but have never been able to find it until this.
amazing scent that stays around all day.

Not very nice

I am annoyed. Lush's whole adertising style makes it look as if it's products are natural, and possibly even in some way good for the environment. They're just not. They have many of the nasty, unplesant, things in them, that other, greener companies seek to avoid, I'm miffed that I've been taken for a fool :(

Good Karma

This is absolutely beautiful shower gel. I love all good karma products from lush. I love this product it has all my favourite ingredients. I love the North Lakes store and only purchase from North Lakes store they are beautiful people

Favourite lush scent

love this product so much will definitely be stocking up!! the smell makes me feel so relaxed and at ease

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