Henna Hair colour

Vénitien Henna

A strawberry blonde for fair hair

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This beautiful color pairs perfectly with naturally light hair. It's also a nourishing treatment if you're looking to take a break from bottle bleach.

How to use

Henna is a gloriously messy, hippy process - and the idea is to get as much of it onto the hair as possible! Our essential bamboo henna application brush is ideal for getting extra precision, and our reusable Henna Hair Wrap is perfect for wrapping your hair colour while it develops for redder results. Our unique cocoa butter henna brick is designed to be enough for one head of mid-length hair and melts down with hot water into a rich paste, which you should apply generously. See our top tips for application here.



How to store

Your henna brick will arrive in a beautiful recycled paper packaging, with designs inspired by intricate patterns of lace from the Italian Renaissance. Keep your henna brick in its wrap in a cool, dry place, ready for when you use it. Henna bricks are best used fresh and you can put any leftover melted henna in your compost. To continue our commitment to reduce single use plastic, your henna will no longer come with plastic gloves. Please protect your hands with your trusty reusable rubber gloves.

Vénitien Henna
Vénitien Henna
Vénitien Henna
Vénitien Henna

What's in it for you?

A shine-enhancing strawberry blonde for those with fair hair. Vénitien blends the finest Iranian henna with deep-conditioning fair trade cocoa butter and blonde-enhancing chamomile to create a warm, golden shade. A dazzling option for those with naturally blonde, light or white hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Natural looking colour

My hair has increasing white streaks, especially around the temples (I'm in my early 70s,) but there's a reasonable amount of colour left (mid-brown with a hint of chestnut, especially at the back) and I like to cover the white with a warm blond to blend in better, so I thought I would try out this 'new' colour from Lush.
I'm VERY pleased with the result, which leaves the formerly white streaks a lovely natural looking honey blonde.


I have been using Lush Henna for a long time, after reading the bad reviews I thought it would still try it for myself. Sadly after leaving it on for 2 hours I can say the product wasn't worth the money. Grey's aren't covered, the texture seems to be more gritty and it doesn't give my hair the shine it used to, sadly really disappointed. If I could I would ask for a full refund and buy a hand full of bath bombs instead!.

Lovely new shade

I wanted a slight red tint for my hair which is a kind of medium golden brown (with some natural red tones, a few grey hairs at the front and the remains of a bad lockdown dye job growing out at the bottom...). From some internet reviews I did wonder if the Venitien shade might be entirely invisible as I'm not blonde but this fear was entirely misplaced. I only used a third of a block and this was enough for shoulder length hair of average thickness. After three hours under a shower cap I had a lovely even golden-red sheen to my hair, with the silver hairs now gold. I might even cut this to two hours next time.

Natural results after 3 hours

I am a natural ginger with white roots coming in, I applied the Venetian strawberry for 3 hours and pleased to say results are very natural. I used henna rouge for over a year which I love but the darker shade against my roots made the touch up more frequent. I hope Lush continues to make these bars,

Absolute rubbish

Used to buy the Caca Rouge but the reviews were so bad I thought to try this one instead since the reviews were better. Used a lot more than usual and left it for the full 3 hours and not even the grey hairs were covered! If I wasnt careful everything used to get stained, now 3 hours later finding bits on clothes and floor and wiping it like it was nothing. Lush you should be ashamed you haven't recalled these products yet and are still tricking people!

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