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Bath bomb

Unicorn Poop

Invigorate your imagination

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A magical and magnificent fruity-floral bomb with psychedelic swirls of color and glitter.

How to use

Run a bath, drop in, and relax as softly-scented mystical waters flow around you.

Smells like

A rainbow of fragrant, floral jasmine and sweet strawberry.



How to store

Yes, they do exist! So make sure you keep this cool and dry before use.

Unicorn Poop
Unicorn Poop
Unicorn Poop

What's in it for you?

The Lush unicorns can’t make these bath bombs fast enough. Drop one in the tub and you’ll see why! It spins and froths, creating a rainbow of color, releasing the fruity strawberry scent of davana oil, the floral notes of jasmine and ylang ylang, and skin-calming calamine powder.

Customer Reviews

Based on 31 reviews
Do not buy this unless you want your skin dyed

I bought this bath bomb for my 2 girls and was disgusted that it has dyed their hands and skin bright pink. My youngest was hysterical and I could not get this off them. I have since read similar reviews on your website regarding this product.
This is not acceptable.
We have tried scrubbing the product off and cannot get rid of the bright pink.
My children start school on Monday and I hope the bright pink hands have gone by then , it's disgraceful.
I would like to hear your thoughts on this but do believe the product needs changing as this should not be happening .
I would definitely it but this again but on this review there was no option for me to click on No!

Rainbow bliss!

My absolute favorite bathbomb!! Please don't ever discontinue this one

Disappointed being dyed hot pink

I bought this and had a bath in it I am now entirely hot pink and have to go out like this I have tried to scrub it off but it won't wash away even with exfoliating, I'm very disappointed that I now have to walk around looking like a new member of the teletubbies completely hot pink except for my face


Wow absolutely sensational and divine my partner surprised me with a few Lush bath bombs a few of my usual favorite's and this one which I haven't tried before and I just have to say the scent is intoxicating it reminds me of something but I can't quite figure out what but it's very sexy and has got this delicious hint of bubblegum and fresh strawberries but also a Herby forest note with a bit of pistachio
I wish I could have this scent as a perfume because it's delightful didn't have any problem with staying as I only touched the bath bomb while it was dry and let it fully dissolve in the tub before hoping in

New Favourite

I dont know what I expected but this bath bomb was really fun! I liked that it fizzed but slowly enough to really enjoy the product. Colours were magical and created a real immersive bath :)

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