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Remove makeup and dirt while leaving skin feeling fresh, dewy and calm with this rich cream cleanser that's been a cult favorite for years.

How to use

Take about two forefingers’ full, massage between your hands, then gently sweep over your cheeks, forehead, chin and around your nose. Remove thoroughly with warm water and a clean face cloth or cotton pad. To remove eye makeup, gently massage a little onto your lashes and around the delicate eye area and use a clean, damp, reusable cotton pad to remove.

Smells like

Sun-soaked honeycomb surrounded by wild roses.


Contains almond oil.

How to store

Store in cool, dry conditions and handle with freshly washed hands. Best used fresh.


What's in it for you?

Ultrabland is a thick, rich emulsion of essential oils, honey and beeswax that removes makeup and daily grime with a quick swipe. Unlike most makeup removers, it leaves skin feeling soft and nourished thanks to soothing rosewater and iris flower extract, moisture-locking glycerin and protective beeswax. Suitable for all skin types, this classic, simple cleanser is hugely popular!

Customer Reviews

Based on 239 reviews
Love this product

I used to get acne breakouts and ultrabland has been the only product that has helped to reduce my acne. I would highly recommend this product for everyone to use you may get your moneys worth like I did.


Not for me sadly left my skin super oily and a little irritated.

Anything BUT Bland!

Make-up remover hurts my sensitive skin but I couldnt get all my make up off without it. Hence break outs.
Ultrabland is AWESOME for sensitive skin AND it removes make-up like no other!!
No more irritation, just a soft cleanser and clear skin!

One use and already LOVE!

I swayed away from Lush to try a slightly cheaper, but well known and respected Australian brand (stupid idea!) and my skin was the driest it has been in about 5 years. I decided to go back to Lush, but also use Lush for my evening routine (previously didn't really have one as morning was enough because the products are so good!) One use of this and I wake up in the morning with NO flaky skin AT ALL. The last month I have woken up to dry patches everywhere and during the day dry patches would constantly appear no matter now much I moisturised. I am SO impressed with this and am very very very happy I decided to switch back to Lush. They have won me over again. Best thing with Lush - I use ONE moisturiser morning and evening, one toner and only two cleansers. So quick and minimalistic. I wish I had bought the bigger pot of this now - but definitely will be next time!!

So so good

This product is perfect for my combination skin!
It has evened out my skin tone and I've never had so many compliments. No more dry flakey patches or oily bits. My skin feels clean and hydrated.
This is definitely staying as part of my skin care routine.

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