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This is the perfect gift for anyone who wants to unwind, de-stress and slip away to a cozy, comfy slumber—and we imagine that might include you. The highly coveted Sleepy Body Lotion is here, ready to moisturize skin with its sweet, comforting lavender and tonka perfume. A spritz of Twilight Body Spray will help you on your way to relaxation, and an evening shower or bath is made perfect with our equally dreamy shower gel or bath bomb. We understand if you want to keep this one all to yourself—especially since its fabric wrap is reusable!


Please refer to the contents of the gift.

How to use

-Body Lotion: Scoop out a generous handful and smooth all over for soft, nourished skin.
-Shower Gel: Head into the shower and wash across the body for supremely soothed skin.
-Body Spray: Spritz all over the body avoiding the under arm area for a long-lasting scent you'll love
-Bath Bomb: Drop into a bath and watch as the colours swirl. Climb into the tub for your best bath yet"

How to store

Keep this ethically sourced gift somewhere cool and dry. The products are best used fresh.


Your gift unpacked


    Twilight Bath Bomb

    Be perfectly calmed and soothed


    Sleepy Body Lotion 50g

    Recommended by your bestie


    Sleepy Shower Gel 110g

    Skin softening, sleep-inducing


    Twilight Body Spray 100ml

    Lavender body and pillow spray


Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Twilight gift review

This gift set is incredible, Honestly I couldn't wish for a better combination of products together! I would definitely repurchase this again and again I absolutely swear by it. It's a lush beginner must have and a overall amazing thoughtful gift, and it's great value for money.

Really poor value for money.

Lovely products, but as a previous reviewer mentioned this is really bad value for money. The products separately cost about £25, I have no idea why lush gift sets are such bad value for money.

Its nice but

I do love the smell was packed nice and the bath bombs where lovely, but why so much fragrance/perfumes in your spray and body wash, that really put me off, it might be vegan but maybe it's time to work on fragrant free products and use only natural oils to create the smell... people like me who have a automuine diseases don't need extra chemicals in our lives ... if you would avoid chemicals all your products would hit the market to a whole range of other people not just the ones who support vegan friendly ... I love your stuff but can't use chemicals


one of my favourite ranges from lush! so soothing and relaxing. i love everything in this box and have repurchased them all! perfect treat for a pamper night and when you are just wanting to unwind and relax! I love the sleepy body lotion. smells amazing and you wake up feeling silly smooth!

Do not buy this, it's costing a lot more!

Twilight bath bomb: £3.95
100g sleepy shower gel: £5.10ish
45g sleepy lotion: £4.35ish
100ml Twilight body spray: £10
separately that comes to roughly £23.40
So that leaves 10.55 for a knot wrap/ packaging?!
just buy the products separately, you'll get way more for your money!

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