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Conditioner Bar

The Golden Cap

A solid choice for shine

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If your hair needs a boost of volume and shine, reach for The Golden Cap. This beer-infused conditioner strengthens strands with a comforting warm vanilla scent.

How to use

Hold this bar under the warm water for a few moments then work between your hands to release this conditioner from its solid form. When it’s reached a creamy consistency, massage directly onto wet locks, adding as much product as you desire. Focus on the mid-lengths and ends of the hair then rinse away.

Smells like

A warm, vanilla bean dessert with undertones of woody myrrh.



How to store

To enable this solid bar to dry between uses, place this heavenly hydrator somewhere away from water. If you’re travelling you can pop it in a pot or a tin, just be sure to let it dry out before you tuck it away.

The Golden Cap
The Golden Cap
The Golden Cap
The Golden Cap

What's in it for you?

Let your tresses get tipsy on this volumizing and shine-enhancing solid conditioner made with real beer. Our vegan stout helps to swell the hair cuticle to add body, while malt and yeast strengthen your strands. Then a touch of citrusy lemon balm decoction gives a little shine, leaving you with a bouncy, smooth finish. Finally, inhale its comforting myrrh and vanilla fragrance, to leave you feeling grounded as you wash this light, bright conditioner out of your hair.

Customer Reviews

Based on 36 reviews
Scent is amazing, but convenience..?

I had another conditioner bar that I was trying out, and it took a very long time to form up so I decided to try this out. Overall, I would say the scent is amazing, but I had the same problem: it doesn't form well. I think this is a general problem for all Lush conditioner bars. I decided to make this into a cream or liquid form by mixing it with hot water as other people have advised. I would say it works well like that, my hair is very smooth and fabulous. Just make sure to divide them into really small pieces and then add water or else they will stick in your hair and you would have to wash it again. I would say if this is in a liquid version (which I haven't checked yet), I would definitely buy it again. However, if you really want to use this properly, you would have to reform it yourself and I don't think it's worth it.

fabulous ❤️

My hair is very dry long and curly. I use super milk and either revive or curl power, I’ve used many conditioners from lush, but after trying this one I won’t be trying any more! It’s fabulous, smells Devine and makes my hair so nourished, sometimes even too soft! Love love love it ❤️

Actually works really well

I was hesitant to try this with the mixed reviews and my long thick hair, but I have found even though it doesn’t feel like there’s heaps of conditioner in your hair, it still works really well. My hair is super smooth and silky when it dries and it brushed really easily when the conditioner is in. That’s the only time I brush my hair. I really like it

Great conditioner, once you can get it on

I will admit I was hugely disappointed by this at first, because Lush solid conditioners used to be brilliant, but this new pressed format is very difficult to use. My hair is very thick any elbow length so I just got annoyed at how slow it was to get any coverage at all and gave up on it. However, I decided I wanted to give it another go so I could have fewer big bottles in my hospital bag when I gave birth to my daughter, so before buying anything else I tried grating it into a cleaned out medium-sized Lush pot, popping it in a bowl of warm water to melt it a bit and added some boiled water to make it into a paste. I run it under the hot shower to soften it a bit before I get in and it works perfectly, my hair feels AMAZING now! I probably won't but again because of the faff but I do love how it smells and feels.

Smells lovely but not great

I got this as a travel conditioner to save on how many liquids I pack and it's great for that! Also lovely honey scent. Sadly didn't work well at all on my bleached hair leaving it fluffy, and took me a good 3-4 minutes to coat my short bob. In the future I think I'll do what others have and mix it with hot water and I guess leave it on a lot longer.

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