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T For Toes

Tea Tree & Lime feet refresher

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Keep feet fresh with this kaolin, tea tree and lime foot powder. Sprinkle into shoes or onto feet to absorb moisture and keep things odor free.

How to use

Sprinkle this absorbing deo under your feet for ultimate freshness.

Smells like

Dry tea tree leaves and lime; crashing through the outback.



How to store

Pop the lid back on to ensure your dusting powder stays fresh and dry. Best used fresh.

T For Toes
T For Toes
T For Toes
T For Toes

What's in it for you?

Stop stinky feet before they happen! T For Toes Foot Powder helps soak up moisture with absorbent kaolin, horsetail herb and walnut leaf powders and keep feet feeling (and staying) fresh with powerful tea tree and lime essential oils. Spill some of this T into shoes or directly onto your feet before you put your socks on and BAM! Fresh, stink-free feet.

Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Alright but needs changes

Bought it last week. Received it and it says it was made a month ago but expires next month so I have less than a month to use the product! Will probably be fine though as the hole in the lid is far too big for it’s purpose.

I love this. A staple in my bathroom.

I use this everyday. It does what it says. I put it in all of my shoes before they’re stored. It’s worth a purchase

Please change the packing!!!

I love this product but the packaging is not convenient. Eventually the cap don't close properly because the powder stuck in the cap and the product is lost. The hole is also very large. I wish the cap had several tiny holes like other powders or another system to be able to use it properly. Looking forward to an update of the packing!

Miracle powder!

This stuff is amazing! My boyfriend spends all day on his feet at work, they'll get hot and sweaty which results in smelly feet. He's been conscious about this for years, even been to the doctors to get something and nothing has ever worked. Until I came across this! He's been using it for 4 months and hasn't had an issue since, his shoes don't even smell now - plus he noticed a difference within the first couple of days of using it!

Great for Boots

This powder works amazingly for those that constantly work in boots. I have been using these for a few months now, and they nullified the smell of my work boots. Plus, a little sprinkle on the toes goes a long way.

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