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Soothe dry, itchy and irritated and scalps with this soothing vegan blend of chamomile, lavender and coconut oil.

How to use

Using your fingertips, massage a small amount onto targeted areas of your scalp (rather than your whole head of hair) and leave it for about 20 minutes before rinsing out the excess. Then shampoo and condition as usual. In some cases you may still feel a waxiness on the scalp. Don’t worry, this is the product doing its job and will clear over a couple of days.

Smells like

A lavender field after the rain; calm and quiet.




What's in it for you?

Itchy, dandruff-ridden scalps are a literal pain. When scales build up on the scalp and can't be removed with shampooing, this is the scalp treatment you need. This supremely soothing ointment of coconut oil, candelilla wax and chamomile blue oil calms and moisturizes scalps while salicylic acid (formed naturally from meadowsweet) softens dry, flaky buildup so it can be washed out more easily. Anyone with a dry, troubled scalp will find relief after using this super treatment.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews

This doesn't work very well if you have bad dandruff or psoriasis. Make sure you thoroughly wash it out as if you don't you end up with a waxy hair line. It smells nice though and it did ease itchiness while on my hairline, not much improvement even after using two lots of it.

Not good for long hair

I have extremely long, thick hair that reaches my lower back and have been looking for something to help my dandruff. While I did my damndest to keep this stuff on my scalp it got all over the rest of my hair when I was washing it out. It 100% fixed my scalp... but only for the first few days because I had to wash my hair every few days for 2 weeks to get all the residue out of my hair. As a result, my scalp became dry (again) and the ends of my hair became dry (Never had this issue with all my other lush hair products!). Would not recommend this product to ANYONE with long hair. It definitely works but is better off for those with short hair!

Left my hair greasy for weeks

i have shoulder length hair and bought this to get the dandruff out of my hair. It was impossible to get out and took 4 hair washes! my father used this as well as we thought it worked better with short hair but it still took multiple washes to come out and didn't even do much plus my hair was so greasy! as a massive fan of lush im disappointed.

Miraculous for my psoriasis

Half of my scalp is covered by thick psoriasis. I was losing hair. Nothing from the GP worked . Brought this 6 weeks ago and it has been simply miraculous. It hasn't got rid of it, psoriasis comes and goes of it's own accord, but using this 3 times a week along with the scrub shampoo bar means no more unsightly thick crusts or paranoia that I have flakes in my hair or am leaving a snowstorm everywhere. The flakes just rub off with gentle combing. It smells good, a little goes a long way and there is no tight feeling afterwards. Fan for life! It was really getting me down 🙂

It saved my scalp and hair.

I have irritated scalp with scalp tenderness for years due to SA’s hard water and Australia’s UV damage.
I’ve tried medicated shampoo, hair scrubs, scalp moisturisers and masks. Nothing really works for me, until I tried this scalp treatment.
I bought it cause I liked the smell. Surprisingly, it turns out that it was exactly what my scalp needed.
I dont have to suffer from scalp pain anymore. My scalp is soothed after the first use. I’ve used it three times so far, and the result is amazing. My hair is much softer and nicer than before.

This product can be hard to apply as its texture is a bit sticky and oily. It can be difficult to wash off afterwards also. However, I use it with Lush wasabi shampoo, it has not been an issue for me.

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