Sunshine citrus & soft Mimosa

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Let the sunshine in with this perfume's warming scent of Brazilian orange oil and earthy sandalwood.

How to use

If you’re looking for a lift, spritz yourself with this happy scent to put a smile on your face. A fresh burst of juicy Brazilian orange and fragrant mimosa, this perfume is the epitome of summer. Warming sandalwood adds a slight depth to this otherwise light fragrance and helps to improve the longevity of this citrus scent on your skin.


Green: Natural ingredients
Black: Safe Synthetics

*occurs naturally in essential oils

Smells like

Driving with the top down, imagining the sun as a big orange lollipop.


What's in it for you?

A simple, optimistic citrus cologne-strength fragrance. Put sunshine into those gray winter days with a sweet orange and mimosa burst over sandalwood. This scent is bright and full of life to put a smile on your face and a spring in your step. Just the thing you need for those moments when you need to lift your spirits.

Customer Reviews

Based on 19 reviews
Disappointing Birthday Present

Was bought 100mls bottle of "SUN" perfume for my birthday last week by a close friend and i am Very disappointed to say the least. I feel that they have totally wasted their money on the purchase.
The smell is initially lovely but Totally disappeared after 10 minutes on me. I was very surprised as it contains sandalwood which normally "hangs around" on me!
I have worn Karma for many years and also Rose Jam and shop regularly in Lush.
I do appreciate that perfumes smell differently on everyone But my daughter also tried Sun and again the smell disappeared!
I have read the reviews and the disappearing smell seems to be an ongoing issue, maybe the recipe needs to re-mixed!

Just can't smell it :'(

I test-smelled it and bought it so I thought it can't be wrong, but I'm definitely wrong, even I pump ten times I just can't smell it only the first bit of alcohol then that's it. Even lush's other body sprays smell much stronger and last longer than it.


this was a blind buy and i was looking for a summer fragrance and Sun is that. It’s so warm and fun and i’m actually in love

Citrus smell - & secret hidden purpose!

Fresh citrus smell -I really like it but it may be overwhelming for some.

However, after a holiday in Mexico I discovered the True purpose of this perfume - it is a great anti-cockroach spray! Just a few little squirts and those fearsome creatures will go running. Thanks Lush, you saved my holiday!


This was purchased as a gift for me from my husband on easter weekend. Fragrance is really nice but, I was hugely disappointed that the fragrance only lasted about 5 minutes, if that. This was a £40 bottle and £40 wasted. I definitely wouldn't have allowed my husband to buy me this product if I knew the fragrance wasn't going to last. Waste of money.

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