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Shower Bomb


Serenely soothing showers

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This dreamy little cloud features our popular Sleepy and Twilight scent. Gently exfoliate with fine oatmeal and a relaxing blend of lavender and ylang ylang.

How to use

Gently hold under the running shower and allow to foam up. Take a deep breath of the essential oils to wind you down and rub the foam all over. Perfect for a single use shower escape.

Smells like

A creamy, lavender malted milkshake.



How to store

Store in a cool dry place.


What's in it for you?

Drift away to dreamland with this fizzy shower bomb. Infused with our bestselling lavender and tonka fragrance, Sleepy Shower Bomb is a rich and gentle buffer perfect for driving away restless nights. Let the little cloud expand under the shower's stream, then smooth on the luxurious foam for an all-over clean and curiously heavy eyelids. Sweet dreams!

Customer Reviews

Based on 64 reviews
Gorgeous scent

Really lovely scent but glad I came online and had a look at what others did though. The lady at the shop told me to put it in a mug with a little water. I used an espresso mug which did work well. I also cut up the bomb. It will crumble, but I portioned it out and put it in some tupperware for later. Made my skin super soft and smelling really lovely and the smell lasts ages. Will be buying again.

Night shower bath bomb

This was the first shower bomb I’ve tried and it’s so lovely. The smell gets you ready for bed and it foams up great


Melted very well in the shower. I used it with body scrubbing gloves and it worked very well. Smells nice too.

So luxurious and relaxing!!

I was a bit apprehensive about a shower bomb but I was happily surprised!!! Hold the shower bomb in both palms (do not break it apart) and let the shower water run over it. later a foam with the bomb and then later that foam all over you! I even rubbed the bomb diretly on to my skin and it was heavenly. The scent combined with the shower steam was so relaxing and afterwards my skin felt beautiful. Going to go buy 10 of these!!

What is this sorcerery?

This is amazing. I’ve used it two nights in a row and both times I’ve fell sound asleep pretty quickly when I have went to bed. It smells wonderful and for its small size I’m going to get at least one more shower out of it so that’ll be three in total. It leaves the skin feeling super soft and a soft scene lingers too. Fantastic and glad it was recommended to me by staff at Breahead.

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