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Sleepy Dust

The skin softening Sandman

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Sprinkle onto skin post-shower to make it soft and dry or into bedsheets to take its lavender-tonka scent with you into dreamland.

How to use

Dry off after your bath or shower, sprinkle onto your skin, massage it in, and you’ll be ready for a hard night's sleep! Use after Sleepy body lotion to absorb excess butters and get ready to slip into your favourite pyjamas.

Smells like

A creamy, lavender malted milkshake.



How to store

Pop the lid back on to ensure your dusting powder stays fresh and dry. Best used fresh.

Sleepy Dust
Sleepy Dust
Sleepy Dust
Sleepy Dust

What's in it for you?

If you already love the calming scent of Sleepy and Twilight in a bath bomb, shower jelly, body lotion, shower bomb, soap, body spray and shower gel...can you really resist one more way to slow down at the end of a long day? And this beautiful body powder isn't just great for post-shower softness, it also smells heavenly when lightly dusted onto sheets, shoes and anywhere else you want to feel dry and dreamy. Needless to say, the Sandman will be taking the night off.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
Calming scent

Oh gosh, I think I may be totally addicted to this beautiful stuff! The scent is so relaxing and calming, and it lingers for such a long time on your clothing and body. Absolutely beautiful!

Very subtle smell but worked.

I was given a sample pot to try. I applied it to my forehead, temples, arms and chest last night. Smell was subtle but there. Everytime I turned I got more of the smell. I drifted off into a lovely sleep and didn't wake as often as previous night. Could be a placebo but will continue to use the sample. Really hope i get the same reaction as last night and I'll buy more.

Lavender delight!

The smell of this product is divine. A little goes a long way - my small bottle has lasted me forever and still plenty left. The only small gripe is that it does have a few gritty bits in it which don't always absorb into your skin. However the smell and value of this product completely outweighs that and I will be back for more when mine has run out.

Calming and subtle

Very nice will purchase again

Sleepy Dust snorter

I love the smell of this so darn much. I'm at a stage where I need to smell it that often, I'm getting close to snorting lines of it off my forearm. It really is that therapeutic.

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