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Shaved Ice

A cooling, smooth operator

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This cooling menthol cream does wonders for your skin and your confidence.

How to use

Ditch the brush and soap for something altogether more satisfying. Soothing oat milk, rose water and olive oil helps your razor glide over the skin, reducing redness, and maintaining the skin’s elasticity. Pair this gel-like cream with a sharp blade and get plenty of hot water on your razor. Use long sweeping strokes that leave clear skin behind and finish with a hot flannel. Also lovely on the legs.

Smells like

A perpetually sunny seaside with hints of mint blowing on the breeze.



How to store

Store somewhere dry and cool. For extra minty freshness, keep in the fridge.

Shaved Ice
Shaved Ice
Shaved Ice
Shaved Ice
Shaved Ice

What's in it for you?

Ditch the soap and try something altogether more satisfying. We start with our bestselling Dream Cream base of soothing oat milk, rose water and cocoa butter to help your razor glide over the skin, reduce redness and leave skin feeling smooth and calm. Then we add in activated charcoal to decongest hair follicles and tingly menthol to leave your skin in mint condition.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
OK, but not as good as Prince

As others have said, bought this as a replacement to the much loved Prince which has now been sadly discontinued. Dirty (the only other shave product isn't as good imho).

Whilst it shaves nicely and smells great, that only applies for the first couple of passes before it clogs the razor and it doesn't rinse off properly as Prince did but instead seems to stick the hair to the blades creating a blockage - the only reliable way to clear is to 'shave' a bar of soap then rinse repeatedly till the hair is gone of replace the blade.

The cost of new blades mean it's been binned and I won't be buying shaving creams from here going forwards.

The Dude
Great product - love the menthol

I'm a guy and use this for face shaving with a DE / safety razor. Sometimes I use it on its own and sometimes I use it as a pre shave or under a lather. I was disappointed when Lush discontinued Prince, but I thought I would give them the benefit of the doubt and decided to try this. It’s fantastic - definitely a good replacement for Prince and perhaps even better. It smells great, and allows the razor to glide over the stubble, protecting the skin from nicks and redness in the process. I would recommend it for sure.

Note to Lush - please don’t get rid of the menthol. It’s the key ingredient that makes this so great to use. That calling sensation is great on the face. Well done Lush.

More like grit than ice.

This stuff clogged up my razor and does not allow a smooth glide accross the skin. Smells OK, but overall very disappointed with this one. Bring back Prince!!

Good product, bad packaging

I love using this stuff. Yeah it's on the thick side so I have to rinse my blade well but I don't get nicks and my sensitive skin loves it. The packaging however leaves much to be desired. It's impossible to get everyone out and is so finicky. It would be better in one of the wide mouth jars that they use for lotion.

Not a replacement for ‘Prince’

Bought this on recommendation of the shop assistant in Lush Waterloo as a replacement for Prince.

No mention from her of it containing menthol - ironic given I mentioned I liked the soothing nature of Prince.

Two main takeaways: 1 it clogs up a razor like nothing else I’ve used. It’s slimey and just hard to use and weirdly not super smooth.

2. Do not use this on intimate areas. Do. Not. Do. It.

The menthol is god awful.

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