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Sex Bomb

Sensual Jasmine & Clary Sage

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Love the sweet floral scent of Sex Bomb Bath Bomb? Take it wherever you go with this sensual body spray.

How to use

Spritz all over the body avoiding the under arm area and let this floral beauty get you in the mood.

Smells like

Delightfully naughty, powdery jasmine perfume.

Sex Bomb
Sex Bomb

What's in it for you?

Based on the bestselling scent of one of our most-loved bath bombs, you can now take the sensual, sweet scent of Sex Bomb wherever you go. This fragrant blend of jasmine, ylang ylang and clary sage will have you relaxed and feeling frisky. Jasmine is an ancient aphrodisiac, used in aromatherapy to ease stress and anxiety, while clary sage clears the mind and ylang ylang soothes worries.

Customer Reviews

Based on 21 reviews

A lovely subtle floral scent. It wasn't as strong as I was expecting, Rose Jam seems a lot stronger, however I'll be using Sex Bomb on days where I don't want to overpower and on others I'll probably layer with Rose Jam as they compliment each other perfectly.


I wore this for work....two 13 hour shifts and not one person commented on smells weird....just like sage ...I gave it to a colleague who also didn't like's now in the staff toilets as air freshener!

A Subtle Boom

It's a strong scent, but a pure floral one so it doesn't overwhelm. I tend to use it as an everyday spray when I want something to enhance without being too bold. It's got a lovely relaxing scent and I find it will last several hours without any trouble.

Old lady florals

I bought this to replace my last body spray (groovy kind of love) and it smells like and old ladies perfume. Imagine those bottles with the brown liquid at your grans house.

If that's the scent you like, this one is for you. The product itself is great, and they last forever, which means I won't get to replace this one for ages.


Addictive, seductive, romantic & dreamy.. this fragrance is my go to & I haven't stopped buying this for 2 years.
Day or night, this scent is guaranteed to make you feel amazing! Plus it has gotten me countless compliments! Never stop making this!

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