Sea Vegetable

Soothing lavender & seaweed

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A refreshing, cleansing soap that's great for all skin types looking for added moisture from coconut oil and seaweed, along with an uplifting citrus scent.

How to use

Lather under running water, cleanse, and rinse.

Smells like

Watching the waves crash over your feet, bits of seaweed floating by your toes.



How to store

Keep in a cool, dry place, like one of our soap dishes, until you're ready for a paddle.

Sea Vegetable
Sea Vegetable
Sea Vegetable
Sea Vegetable

What's in it for you?

Made with skin-softening seaweed and a crust of stimulating sea salt, our deep blue soap will give your body a good ol' fashioned scrub down. Salt not only cleanses skin, but also helps to soften and hydrate, while the reviving scents of lime, lavender and seaweed absolute are instantly relaxing. And the best part? Your skin will be revived, brightened, and clean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 18 reviews
This smell

Just obsessed with this smell, please make other products with this scent, it just smells like Cornwall 🩵

Buy this soap in bulk. Amazing fragrance.

I have been buying Sea Vegetable soap for years and absolutely love it. As to the comments that it doesn’t lather very well, no it doesn’t, unless you use a shower scrunchie which unleashes it’s full lather potential. Please never discontinue.

Best Soap From Lush!

I love many soaps but Sea Vegetable is the loveliest. Beautiful wash, cleanses skin very well without drying it and no residue. The smell is the sea and I love it. Both refreshing and comforting. My go to regular choice of soap.

Oh dear

I was given this as a present and it is such a depressing product. The smell is not too bad out of the water but in use it smells like the type of cheap hard soap you used to get at school. I couldn’t get it to lather at all although it did eventually produce a sort of grey slime. My skin now feels dry and uncomfortable after use. There are loads of Lush soaps that I love, so it’s not that I’m not a soap person, but this particular one is a lump of disappointment.

Lasts for such a long time.

This soap looks fantastic on my bathroom and what makes it even better is that it smells fantastic too. This soap lasts such a long time and although it doesn’t lather like some soaps do, it does the job and the smell makes up for the lack of lather. My bathroom smells gorgeous.

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