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With so many packaging-free products on our shelves, it only makes sense to have reusable tins to put them in.

How to use

If your naked shampoo bar needs some cover on its travels, this little round tin is the perfect way to preserve its modesty (and keep it dry). If you've ever used our shampoo bars before, you'll know how long they last. To keep them even longer, make sure they're fully dry before popping them in the tin to help them stay as firm and as solid as they can be.


Green: Natural ingredients
Black: Safe Synthetics

*occurs naturally in essential oils

Round Tin
Round Tin

What's in it for you?

    Use our tins to organize your stash, keep your favorite products from getting all over your shower or bathtub, or take your must-haves with you wherever you go. This versatile round tin fits a variety of products, like shampoo bars and body tints.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 50 reviews
    Good idea but

    It's such a perfect fit for a shampoo bar it makes it hard to get the bar back out as you can't get your fingers around it. I've lined the bottom of mine with those little wooden sticks from the NEW shampoo bars and I've found them to be less sticky so the bar pops out slightly easier.

    Needs Improving.

    This is so hard to open, even when my hands are dry. I ended up bending the tin so much, that the shampoo bar couldn't even fit inside it. Maybe you should make it a screw on lid instead?

    Great concept but needs work

    This is a great storage idea, but it needs some tweaking. A brand new shampoo bar won't fit in this jar, and it will take a few washes before it does. It also is not easy to get the shampoo bars in and out of. If these jars were slightly bigger it would make all the difference.

    Difficult to open

    Great idea and I own a few tins- but for shampoo bars the tins are so hard to open in the shower with wet hands!! Also brand new bars don't fit inside the tin straight away as the tin is too small, they need to be the slightest bit bigger.

    Not a good tin for the shampoo bars

    - i bought this for a summer of travelling, and it is good to travel with
    - but it is difficult to open, especially when wet, so i always had to make sure to remember to open it before i turned the shower on
    - it also didn't fit properly at the start, after a few washes it was fine
    - The product gets stuck to the tin, i had to scoop it out and reshape it, and have to do this every time i use the shampoo bars

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