Henna hair colour

Rouge Henna

Vibrant copper to spicy red tones.

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Blondes and those with light brown hair will achieve bright, traffic-stopping red. Darker tones will add softness, shine and a lovely layer of subtle reddish sheen.

How to use

Henna is a gloriously messy, hippy process - and the idea is to get as much of it onto the hair as possible! Our essential bamboo henna application brush is ideal for getting extra precision, and our reusable Henna Hair Wrap is perfect for wrapping your hair colour while it develops for redder results. Our unique cocoa butter henna brick is designed to be enough for one head of mid-length hair and melts down with hot water into a rich paste, which you should apply generously. See our top tips for application here.



How to store

Your henna brick will arrive in a beautiful recycled paper packaging, inspired by the angular henna designs traditionally found in North African skin art. Keep your henna brick in its wrap in a cool, dry place, ready for when you use it. Henna bricks are best used fresh and you can put any leftover melted henna in your compost. To continue our commitment to reduce single use plastic, your henna will no longer come with plastic gloves. Please protect your hands with some trusty reusable rubber gloves.

Rouge Henna
Rouge Henna
Rouge Henna
Rouge Henna

What's in it for you?

For aspiring redheads, Rouge is the reddest of our henna options and it’s sure to get you noticed. We blend the finest Iranian henna with deep-conditioning fair trade cocoa butter and organic lemon juice to bring out the redness and give hair shine. Those with lighter hair will notice fiery locks, while those with darker hair will be left with a lovely auburn glow.

Customer Reviews

Based on 242 reviews

Saw that Lush reformulated its henna hair dye again and wanted to try as was disappointed last time. The new formula still isn’t quite as good as the first formula by a stretch, and the dye kept running out of my hair after each wash, despite washing the product out well initially. Will have to go elsewhere for henna dyes unfortunately. Miss the super moisturised texture the old henna bricks used to do too. Please bring them back 🤞

Please bring back the old Rouge Henna!

I have been using Lush’s Rouge Henna on and off since 2017. It used to be absolutely incredible and leave my hair with long lasting amazing colour, incredible shine and health. I bought a block last week as had not used it for a couple of years. I noted there was a new formula and it felt different. I applied as directed. After application and first wash the colour was ok. However a few days later after a second wash it was almost completely gone! By my third was it was completely gone! The water ran brown every time I washed it! Very disappointed!!! Lush please bring back your old original formula as you can see from all the negative reviews here! This formula does not work!

Awful waste of money

The OG henna rouge was amazing dyed everytime, when they initially changed the formula it was terrible. Now it's not as bad as the 2nd time they changed it. But this one's not even dyed my roots. I've spent £14 to dye my hair, and I've come out with the same colour. I will never buy lush's henna again. I'm done.

Not the same as it was!

I have been using rouge henna for 5 years and it just isn't as good as it was. I appreciate it is now easier to use and less messy, but the colour is not as good. It used to turn my greys a beautiful red and now it looks like I've not even bothered. Please please just go back to the old recipe!!!

What’s going on!

I have used Lush henna for ten years with fantastic, consistent results. In Spring/Summer 2022 I went to colour my hair in the same method I always did and there was NO change to the colour. It’s quite a faff and a lot of money so for it to not work I was FUMING. Several months later I saw the recipe had been changed back, so I tried it again and it worked well as it had done previously. I just bought some henna from Lush to do my roots, following my usual method, and once again it hasn’t worked at all. What a waste of my Sunday afternoon and £14. I’ll be going to henna-boy in future.

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