Rose Jam

Sweet, elegant Rose & Lemon

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Delicious, rose-tinted indulgence, tempered with the brightness of Sicilian lemon.

How to use

Spritz yourself and take a stroll through fields of powdery pink petals with this sophisticated scent. A generous blend of geranium combined with rose oil from Senir in Turkey.

Smells like

A field of Turkish roses mashed into a sugary, cheerful jam.

Rose Jam
Rose Jam
Rose Jam

What's in it for you?

If you've tried our Rose Jam Shower Gel, we know you'll go straight for the full size version of this perfume. But if you've never had the pleasure of sniffing the bestselling scent, we've got this trial size perfume to start with. Pakistani rose absolute, rose oil, a hint of zingy lemon, and a dash of geranium oil create this sweet and fresh aroma that we've all fallen in love with.

Customer Reviews

Based on 17 reviews
It’s just what I wanted!

I really wanted a scent that didn’t have that horrid, heavy generic perfume smell that always gives me a headache and quite frankly makes me feel ill. After ordering from Zara and trying other perfumes over the years they all had that smell. Then I remembered lush. A bottle of Amelie mae perfume years ago is the only perfume where I have ever finished the bottle. So decided to come back and I ordered online, Rose Jam without ever smelling it before.
It’s the most fresh, light scent, it’s not over powering at all and it’s perfect for day to day. It’s not so strong that you can always smell it but you get whiffs of it through the day and it gorgeous. Like sitting on a cloud in a fresh, floral paradise . I will always get my scents from lush now. They are so unique you just can’t find them anywhere else. They are the only perfume that doesn’t give me a headache. So happy!

I adore!

I had received this today as a gift and it is truly wonderful! It's a true rose scent, gorgeous and clean. If you want to smell like a rose garden I recommend paring this with the true romance message bar!
I feel like the smell compliments me and my skin, I don't think I'll ever buy a different purfume


The first perfume I have ever bought for myself! Love everything about this glorious and unique Rose Jam range. It's a true representation of a bubbling pot of sticky and fragrant Rose Jam. 🌹 The perfume has real staying power and is strong. I use a single spray at a time. The bottle is going to last me for years. I adore it!

Cloying, nauseating and... Nuclear!

I wanted so much to like this perfume! The idea of a sweet, jammy rose perfume was what drew me in to my local Lush store to try... But, alas, it's sweet to the point of being cloying and nauseating, like a thick, sticky cloud of jam, and it is so nuclear, it lasts weeks on your clothes! There's a jarring, almost acidic note (could it be the Geranium?) that makes me wrinkle up my nose when it's on me or my clothes. Plus, it gives me headache. I love many of Lush's perfumes, but Rose Jam just ain't the one for me. If you want roses and sweetness, try Confetti (after the initial violet, you get delicious rose and sugared almond notes. Well I do, anyway!) It's long lasting and concentrated so I can't say it's bad quality, just not for me.

Nostalgia in a bottle!

My first introduction to Lush was through being gifted the Ro's Argan soap 8 years ago. I immediately fell in love with the scent and always loved this scent. When I was told today in the store that there was a perfume version, I was over the moon. The smell lasts for a long time and is not an overpowering smell. I am able to wear this all day, still being able to smell it even with food or animals around! I could not recommend this scent anywhere as much as it deserves.

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