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One of our richest conditioners for dry, damaged hair, we've packed this one with softening soy milk and hydrating olive oil for soft, sleek hair.

How to use

Scoop out lashings of Retread for a thorough MOT with this restorative hair conditioner packed with soya yoghurt and organic extra virgin olive oil to repair from root to tip.

Smells like

A clean, fresh melon conditioner from the salon.


Contains avocado oil.


What's in it for you?

One of our richest conditioners gives sad hair its shine and bounce back with a luxurious combination of reparative ingredients. Softening seaweed gel, avocado oil and olive oil smooth the hair and deliver intense moisture as protein-rich soy milk strengthens your locks. We've also blended in fresh cantaloupe for loads of shine, and you'll get whiffs of a delicate, creamy floral perfume as the day goes on.

Customer Reviews

Based on 76 reviews
Used to be good. Latest formula is disappointing

They changed it to make it vegan and now it barely conditions hair, for alot more cost than it used to be too.
Please bring back to better formula for those who want deeply conditioned hair

Very satisfied

Perfect for dyed hair.

Amazing Conditioner

I received a sample of this conditioner in my local Lush shop and I love it so much! I have very fine hair that gets greasy quickly, so I was worried it might be too heavy for me, but it isn't! It makes my hair so shiny ans soft and it completely tamed my frizz! I never used the old formula, so I can't compare, but I just ordered a big pot of this!

Oh my lush
Not as good as old formula

Im sorry but this new formula is not as good!! I understand that its been made vegan and the lanolin has been swapped out for something else. Come on lush, not everybody wants to be vegan, especially if its going to compromise your two best conditioners (retread AND american cream)

Good bye frizz !

I was a bit skeptical at first when I used Retread because to apply it you do have to use quite a bit for it to spread, once it’s lathered on leave it on for about 3 minutes then rinse off. Towel dry hair lightly and let the sun do the rest. My hair has never smelt so amazing !!!, it’s such a soft fragrance that is so beautiful and most importantly it has tamed my frizz!, I have thick curly hair but I am finding using this a few times a week I am able to tame the frizz a lot.

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