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Renee's Shea Soufflé

Hydration for curls & scalp

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An ultra-hydrating product that can be used in a variety of ways: soften a dry scalp, hydrate frayed ends or put a little throughout your curls if you need mega moisture.

How to use

This product is a multi-use wonder. Use as the oil in your L.O.C method, on wet or dry hair to style, as a hair balm, or for twisting out to ensure your natural curls look their best.

Smells like

A sweet musky pairing of vanilla and tonka.


Contains avocado oil.


What's in it for you?

Here's one souffle that'll never fall flat. Made with a rich double-header of avocado and coconut oils, Renee's Shea Souffle will soften and strengthen your curls, coils and textured hair while adding a little touch of shine. Fair trade shea butter moisturizes and hydrates thirsty hair while protective vanilla and tonka give a simple yet delicious fragrance. Work a little (or a lot, depending on your curl structure) between hands and apply through wet, damp or dry hair as a leave-in lotion, great for maintaining softness, shine and to encourage your natural curls to look their best. You can also melt a little into an oil to massage in when you need a drop of extra moisture, as the castor oil will soothe the scalp. Dig in and get shining!

Customer Reviews

Based on 16 reviews

I just received my lush haul today and am always skeptical of new products for my curly hair. I work for Lush North America and was hoping a product like this would be created. My co-workers and I instantly fell in love once it got onto our hair. The oil helps to retain the moisture that Goddess, Super Milk, and Gains add to my hair. I put it on wet hair and it melted right in. A Little goes a long way. I have two already and just ordered one more. This product will last a long time and I hope to keep it in my hair routine.

Perfect for dry hair

I've used all sort of oils and serums to put moisture into my dry hair and they either leave them too oily or go back to being dry hours later. This stuff is awesome! Makes your hair look amazing and smells fantastic!
Lasts all day too, would highly recommend.

Omg!!! Amazing!!!!! The best ever!!!!

This is an amazing quirky product, finally lush have got it write. I couldn’t stand RnB it spelt way to strong as was not moisturising at all, it was way to strong and also queen bee was so difficult to use. This however seals in moisture the curl pudding is out of this world both tighter are a god send. The smell of this product isn’t strong but sweet and creamy and delicate goes very well with curl pudding anyone looking to seal in moisture will love this product and I have spent hundreds and hundreds of pounds on hair products to finally find one that works is just amazing!! I have thick curly hair that can be a huge Afro without the right products this made my hair so soft and it stayed soft for a very long time!!! Well done lush!!! Please keep this in the percent range forget about RNB and queen bee!! Keep this and curl pudding!!!

Too heavy for my hair

I have fine 4C afro hair and do the LOC method regularly. I tried using this as the oil, as recommended. However it is too heavy for my hair, and the next day my hair was moisturized by stiff. Had to go back to my homemade liquid oil blend.
Smells amazing, so I'm going to melt it down and whip it up with more shea butter, aloe vera gel, and glycerine to lighten it up a bit.

Love,love, love

As always this product never disapoints, as a woman of colour with mix of 4a/4b hair,I am happy to say that it is super moisturising and hydrating- always perfect for my twist out! The only criticism I have- hence the lack of a 5 star review, is that the formula has changed and the Vanilla absolute has been replaced for Tonka Absolute, still a nice fragrance but it smelt better before and was much more of a staple based on this!

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