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Restore your hair's health!

How to use

When you ain't got seventy days, work through wet hair before rinsing away to reveal healthy, happy tresses. Always keep a bottle near.

Smells like

Shockingly fresh peppermint and lavender with fruity undertones.




What's in it for you?

Give hair that's been heat-styled, bleached, dyed, teased and flat-out stressed some serious recovery time with Rehab. We squeeze fruit juices into the base of this shampoo, including pineapple, papaya, mango and kiwi, to deep cleanse, nourish and add shine. Herbs stimulate the scalp while olive oil increases the strength of hair, softens and hydrates. Your hair detox starts here.

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews
Wouldn’t change shampoo even if I was paid

This shampoo is hands down the best I’ve used, I have very oily thin hair and it’s been a god send, it’s kept my hair so healthy and silky smooth.

Holy grail for oily hair

I've been looking for a shampoo that properly cleans the scalp and prevents my hair from becoming oily after a day or two... and I finally found one! Not only does this allow me to go several days between washes, it also gives volume to my usually flat and dull hair. I'm obsessed

Careful with hair dye!

I love this shampoo. I only shampoo once a week and the bottle lasted me 6 months. However, it does strip hair dye pretty easily.

Best Shampoo for thin, frizzy, curly/ wavy hair.

I've been loving the Power conditioner over the last few months and decided to head into the shop to pick up more and thought I'd try out a new shampoo. I picked up Rehab based on the promise of shiny hair. Also the addition of peppermint appealed to me as my hair loves the Roots hair mask which has mint too. My hair is very fine and wavy/ curly. It is very porous and can look dry and frizzy. This shampoo is brilliant. It has a bit of lather but stills feels light and not harsh on the hair. A little goes a long way so although expensive it will last. The blend of natural oils gives a much needed boost of shine to my hair. I've noticed that frizz has been not as intense since using this and my hair absolutely has the shine it promises. My hair gets washed once a week and I'd say it usually takes 3/4 days for my natural oils to keep the top of my hair looking more sleek/ less frizzy but the oils in this seem to have improved this and now around 2 days after washing my hair is looking great. Natural shine without grease. My curls love it and they look defined yet not as wispy/ fluffy which is common due to the texture and how thin it is. Highly recommend this. It also smells gorgeous which is an added bonus.

My favourite off all times

The aroma of Rehab makes you feel wild and my hair hasn’t felt so healthy for a long time.

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