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Stain removing citrus refresh

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Citrus oils and almond essential oil work overtime to make sure you get a deep clean.

How to use

Nibble a tab between your teeth, brush with a damp toothbrush. Rinse till your mouth is clear. Use to lift stains and whiten as part of your oral care routine, use one every day to whiten, a couple of times a week for a brighten up or top up when you have had too much red wine and coffee.

Smells like

A citrus and cherry tart.


Contains almond oil.

How to store

Pop the lid back on the pot to keep the toothpaste tabs fresh and dry.


What's in it for you?

A tough cleaner, these tiny tabs are more than capable of getting your teeth sparkling and ready to take on the day. Let lime oil refresh while Brazilian orange and Sicilian lemon oils cleanse. Almond essential oil adds a sweet cherry-like flavor while menthol crystals add that final cooling and refreshing touch.

Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews

I thought these would be good to help me feel motivated to brush my teeth, I struggle from severe depression and thought the different flavour and change from my old toothpaste would brighten things up. This was not the case. These are unfortunately vile and made me throw up…

I actually enjoy brushing my teeth again.

I suffer from crippling depression and it’s resulted in me failing to brush my teeth as often as I should, but these bad boys have changed the game. They taste so much better than regular toothpaste and my teeth feel so much cleaner and whiter too! I use these in the morning and plaque sabbath at night and I’m really noticing a huge difference in colour already and I’m enjoying my teeth routine now. Thank you Lush! :)

good product but weird taste?

I couldn’t taste anything other than the bi-carb soda. But I hate mint so much that this is still better. My mouth feels refreshed without feeling that minty sting


The whole reason we use toothpaste is because it contains a medication called fluoride. Everything we eat or drink, the pH balance in our mouth changes, and becomes acidic. This demineralises our teeth, making them weak, sensitive and can cause decay. Fluoride re-mineralises teeth, making them strong again. These tablets have no fluoride content.

tooth tablets

I tried these and they are brilliant , being a smoker and drink black tea this was fab for removing the stains , highly recommended they also taste like the swizzle sweets .

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