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Naked Mascara


Pink Naked Mascara for perfect pink depths

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Reach perfectly pink depths with a touch of coral to the lashes.

How to use

1 - Hold your chosen naked mascara with clean, dry fingers.

2 - Lightly wet the tip of the brush and place into the mascara shape using very minimal water.

3 - Rub the brush around the inside of the product in circular motions, making sure there is enough product coating the brush.

4 - Brush through the lash hair, just as you would with any other mascara.



How to store

When you’re done, rinse the brush thoroughly and leave it to air dry. Shake your naked mascara to remove any remaining water and leave it to dry. Pop your wand in the insert part of the box and leave to dry.


What's in it for you?

When it comes to makeup, mascara is a must-have. That's why we've designed an innovative product that epitomizes our values from the complete lack of plastic packaging, to the nourishing, vegan ingredients like candelilla wax, which coats the lashes with a protective layer, distributes pigment evenly and helps the product stay in place. Included are three wands, one thick wand to add thickness and volume, a one-sided comb for definition, and a wand with a circular end to separate lashes.

Customer Reviews

Based on 3 reviews
not for me

I have the black and brown mascaras which are great colours. I do have to be careful not to use to much water on the brush and so do a few layers so its less wet on my lashes. If you use a bit to much water it ends up everywhere. It isn’t waterproof so wouldn’t advise for any rainy days! It does take a little while for lashes to dry. The brushes that come with it are great, options to choose from and they complement each other’s style of brush using one to be fuller and one to go through any lumps or lashes stuck together. I did try out the pink colour , unfortunately its not a very nice colour, quite light pink , takes a lot of layers to get some colour, looks like I have an eye infection or something. Maybe if it was brighter, it would look better. I do like the package free mascara , the use of water making it less cloggy, being able to wash it off easily. Im thinking of trying the ocean colour soon 😊

Editorial Cat
Good – but any chance of a Lush-designed case?

I bought this product on a whim in my local Lush store having heard good things about it. It certainly does perform as described, but the major downside is that if a person is in a rush to get ready (and who isn't?) and literally only has a few seconds to spare to apply the stuff, with wetted brush and packaging-free mascara at the ready, it inevitably splashes everything else in sight which is a tad messy. It does wipe off surfaces thankfully, but (to my mind, at least) the ideal solution would be for Lush to design a bespoke case for these – as it has done so beautifully already with the lipsticks – which can be refilled with the packaging-free mascara cylinders time and time again. Please!

Brush broke instantly and very little colour

I bought this last week and was given three brush wands with it. They all broke after one use and I had to use another mascara wand to apply it. There was barely any colour to it. I don’t use again, waste of money sadly.

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