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Bubble bar

Raspberry Blower

Fruity bath time fun

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Build several baths of foam and blow beautiful bubbles thanks to this one handy reusable bar with a sweet raspberry scent reminiscent of Conga Shower Jelly.

How to use

Banish boring bathing by swishing your Raspberry Blower around your tub as it fills. When you're happy, hold the flat side to your lips and gently blow to release sweet-smelling bubbles bursting with benefits.

Smells like

A fresh pink raspberry lemonade.


Contains almond oil.

How to store

Store in a cool, dry place until you're ready to use.

Raspberry Blower
Raspberry Blower
Raspberry Blower
Raspberry Blower

What's in it for you?

If you were never allowed to blow bubbles in your chocolate milk, at last you have your sweet revenge. The bubble-blowing power of this raspberry-scented bar will make you feel like a kid again in the comfort of your own bath. And you're still being perfectly responsible—after all, this great big berry gives even more baths per bar than our usual reusable bubblers. Just hold the wax top and wave it through running water. When you have the perfect amount of bubbles, put it somewhere dry and draining so you can use it again and again. Or turn it face down in the water and blow a giant raspberry into your tub. You're the boss of the bath now.

Customer Reviews

Based on 20 reviews
Best ever

Hi. I buy this product every month for myself but since my little boys found out it blows bubbles they also like to use it but refuse to stay in the bath once the water is pink. Coz pinks for girls! Haha. This product would also be amazing in a blue or green aswell.

Bath time fun

My son and I love adding this into his bath. His favourite is when I blow the bubbles directly onto his hands.
We’ve purchased this one multiple times and have had a couple which have fallen apart two times after use while others have lasted five or six times. When they fall apart my son likes to use them like a bubble bar and crushes it into the water or uses the pieces to draw on the tiles around our bath.

Fell apart in first use

Told by shop sales person that it's designed to use multiple times. Fell apart in first 5 minutes of use. Not worth the money

Very bad..

Please lady’s be careful! My daughter used this bomb in bath and after this bomb her hair ends become so dry.. They change colour, we cant brush them and we cut almost 10cm of hair!!

In love with this product

Most defo my fave purchase along side the Jumping Juniper Shampoo bar. Dont ever stop selling these products please. 🙂

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