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It's all the Fun all wrapped into one! Seven colors you can play with, then wash up from head to toe with its sweet, uplifting scent.

How to use

Get hands-on making shapes and models of your own, then pinch off a small piece and lather up from head to toe to enjoy a jolly good cleanse or shampoo. Alternatively, crumble a little under running water for plenty of swishable bubble mountains. To keep things fresh, store your Fun in this handy wrapper and keep it somewhere cool and dry.

Smells like

Bright and energetic; the joy of a festival of lights.



How to store

To keep things fresh, store your Fun in this handy wrapper and keep it somewhere cool and dry.


What's in it for you?

Our biggest Fun bar means you can see double (or triple or quadruple) rainbows without waiting for the rain to end. Turn these seven colors into anything you like, admire your handiwork and then when it's time to clean up, lime and grapefruit oils will help cleanse skin, while vanilla soothes and softens.

Customer Reviews

Based on 22 reviews
My hair loves it!

This is the only product I use for my hair now. Leaves it soft and smooth and the scent actually lingers unlike most bottled shampoos. I don't even need to use conditioner!
Lasts for ages, I usually squidgy two colours together so they're marbelled and pop them in a small pot.
Love love love!!

Fun, Fun, Fun

My 5 year old daughter absolutely loves this stuff. It's top of her list for every birthday and Christmas. Highly recommend to make bath time even more fun.

Love it!

My 3 year old loves the stuff. It’s really bubbly and smells gorgeous. She loves to shape and mould the colours and it’s fun for bathtime. I do limit what she uses as her skin is sensitive so not recommended for daily use.

A MUST have

My girls LOVE this product! Smells so great and leaves your skin so soft..the best thing is that it makes GREAT fluffy bubbles.

I wish I can share photos to show you just how much bubbles the girls made..its like the bath tub in Mary Poppins.

Ty Lush

-Zena, Zoey, Ziyana

Ectoplasma Fantasia
Worst product I’ve tried!

Hated this!

Wanted to like it but the consistency, smell, leakage all horrible.

If I could give it 0 stars I would and I wouldn’t buy again or recommend!

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