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Pumice Power

The tough love foot scrub

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Pumice powder and blend of skin-softening oils help revive soles and leave them feeling refreshed.

How to use

Scrub this powerful handful of pumice powder and softening coconut oil all over feet and heels for toe-tal exfoliation.

Smells like

A twist of orange peel in your cocktail on the beach.



How to store

Between uses keep this somewhere cool and dry.

Pumice Power
Pumice Power
Pumice Power

What's in it for you?

This scrubby soapy bar will break down that tough second skin. Pumice powder exfoliates away dry, dead skin and brightening sweet orange oil refreshes and rejuvenates from heels to toes. It's simple to use; soap and scrub in one simple motion, then rinse for wonderfully soft, refreshed feet. We pumice you'll notice the difference!

Customer Reviews

Based on 63 reviews

This stuff is absolutely amazing. I actually don’t use it for my feet but I use it for my face and omg it scrubs all the dead skin off and makes my face so fresh. Wish they made some for your face and in different smells.

I like cats
Beautiful treat for the feet!

It smells amazing, is easy to use and the results are instant. I feel like feet can get neglected too easily. If only they had a foot moisturer with the same smell!

A good scrub for your feet

I used this bar 3 times now and I’ve hardly made a dent so value for money wise this product nails it.
I did have a few areas of hard, dry skin and this has helped to remove it and soften my feet.
I also love the scent, another orange scented foot care product.
Will definitely be repurchasing when this bar finally runs out!

Works well with Repeat foot balm

I’ve been using Pumice Power for a couple of weeks now and it has worked wonders for my feet! It is a gentle scrub but very effective at smoothing the dry skin on my heels, and as a bonus has a lovely fresh orange scent. I have been using it with Repeat foot balm afterwards and my feet are so smooth and soft. I use the Pumice Power once a week and Repeat foot balm nightly, and saw a noticeable difference after just a week of using them. This is going to be a new regular purchase for me, would highly recommend!

Is it for me?

I bought this product because I really wanted to try it out although I'm not sure about the scent

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