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Pansy is a warm, sunny fragrance with earthy notes layered throughout to leave you feeling calm, assured and relaxed.

How to use

Be the flower of the flock with this perfectly balanced bouquet. Spritz yourself to let galbanum bring sharp, green notes with this floral perfume, giving it a fresh finish, while rosemary and oakmoss bring it down to earth. This fragrance was originally created for Cosmetics To Go in 1993, the company that came before Lush.

Smells like

A sun-soaked stroll through a Mediterranean orchard; peaceful and uplifting.


What's in it for you?

Envelop yourself in a warm hug of fragrance with this snuggly herbal-citrus perfume. Opening notes of sunny bergamot and orange flower help boost your mood, while earthy undertones of oakmoss, rosemary and labdanum make you feel safe and secure. A final musky, slightly floral undertone grounds everything together, leaving you refreshed, relaxed and reassured.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews
Olive branch in a perfume bottle!

Olive branch is by far my favourite scent ever, and I adore the shower gel. This perfume smells identical to the shower gel - such a beautiful, fresh and somewhat earthy scent which I adore. My only issue with the product is that the projection is not strong, and someone would really have to be close to you to smell it - especially after a few hours. I can still smell the scent on me after 6 hours, however it is very faint. Overall I will be repurchasing this scent for an everyday perfume, as it's too gorgeous not to despite the weak projection! (Please lush gods make it stronger, that would be heavenly!)

Just Gorgeous!

This fragrance reminds me of being on a holiday. Warm summer day with happiness, love and joy. It is very well balanced. Floral, powdery, warm, and comforting. I find that it lasts longer when I spray it on my clothes instead of my skin. Lush! Please do not discontinue it as I love it so much!

elegant and cozy

beautiful smell ive got several perfumes and this is by far my favourite I like to keep it for special occasions always get compliments on it

Mrs M

I smell like the most beautiful flower meadow, I went to my local lush intending to purchase the rose jam perfume however they were out of stock in the 30ml bottles. A lovely staff member recommended Pansy and I fell in love, it’s fresh but floral in the most beautiful way possible. I’ll definitely be returning to lush for more beautiful perfumes.

beautiful scent but no staying power

I am a huge Olive Branch fan so I was thrilled to learn that Pansy smells exactly the same… however this scent seems to last an hour or two on me and then I need to reapply which is extremely disappointing. Perhaps teamed up with pansy body lotion would be an idea…

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