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Oval Tin

A less bare bar

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With so many packaging-free products on our shelves, it only makes sense to have reusable tins to put them in.

How to use

An oval-shaped tin to keep your massage bars beautiful. You may have noticed we like our products to be naked so we can keep our packaging to the absolute minimum. As we know there are times you'll want to dress your bar up, this is the perfect storage solution if you want to take them on their travels, or keep them by your bed. Think of this as re-usable packaging.


Green: Natural ingredients
Black: Safe Synthetics

*occurs naturally in essential oils

Oval Tin
Oval Tin

What's in it for you?

    Use our tins to organize your stash, keep your favorite products from getting all over your shower or bathtub, or take your must-haves with you wherever you go. This versatile oval tin fits a variety of products, like massage bars, naked facial oils, shampoo bars, and slices of soap.

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 17 reviews
    pretty good

    Big enough to keep both my solid cleansing balm and facial oil bar in which is great. Cute as well :)

    For my massage bar

    I bought this tin for my massage bar it fits perfectly and means I can take it with me anywhere

    Corroded after a year

    Just been to take my conditioner bar out of this and it bad corroded shut. Levered the kid off and then spotted the tin was full of holes.

    Maybe just a dodgy batch as my round and square tins are fine...

    V cute lil tin

    I love these tins. Living with two brothers who always use all my nice soaps , means it's hard to keep my products out of reach, but these tins allow me to keep my soaps in my room, I usually just leave my soap on the lid to dry then put it back in the tin.


    Useful for putting my wiccy massage bar in, would recommend!

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