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Body scrub


Freshly squeezed citrus scrub

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Perfect for anyone who wants to give their skin a sunshiney boost filled with tons of citrus scents, skin-brightening orange juice and naturally-exfoliating sea salt.

How to use

Grab a handful and rub in small circular motions then rinse.Use it on wet skin for a gentle scrub, or try on dry skin for a really good buff before you step into the shower!

Our sea salt is harvested by hand from salt pans in Bulgaria. Occasionally the process leaves tiny specs of natural imperfections, visible against the vibrant orange.

Smells like

The spray from an orange picked fresh off the tree and split open.




What's in it for you?

When it comes to fresh ingredients, we really do put the whole fruit in...even the peel. This citrusy scrubber is made with naturally brightening sea salt to buff away any dryness and leave your limbs soft and smooth. Plus it contains plenty of orange juice, uplifting essential oils and orange peel wax to leave you looking and feeling radiant. Grab a handful, rub in small circular motions and get your blood pumping as you inhale this mood-boosting fragrance. Then rinse off before shaving or sealing in your newfound hydration with a luscious body lotion.

Customer Reviews

Based on 66 reviews
Lesley-Ann Moses

My body feels so soft and smooth when I I use this scrub! My new regular

If you love Fanta soda

then this body scrub is for you.

Personally, I don't really like this one. It's not bad, it does what it says it does, the body scrubbing works. But I just really don't like the smell. I prefer more natural, bright, citrusy smells, but this one is more artificial and strongly reminds me of orange Fanta soda. It's also like flourescent orange, which makes me seem even more artificial.

It's not a bad product, but I've loved other body scrubs from Lush a lot more.

Fantastic but order is important!

This smells incredible, scrubs up a dream BUT… don’t shave your shins and calves then use this on your thighs. It will run down and burn!

I can’t get enough of that smell, though. Oh my.

Love it

I adore this scrub. It's fruity and zesty and smells amazing! I had a huge tub and ran out way too quickly. Can't wait to get some more. Also, please bring back the coconut salt hand scrub. Cause that was you're best ever product and I'm sad it's gone.

Orange Juice

I brought this product a few weeks ago, and first off it smells exactly like orange juice, which I am in love with!! I use it about once a week in the shower before shaving, helps my razor glide over my skin and doesn't cause irritation. When you wash the scrub off, your skin feels like its been drenched in oil, super hydrating! The only down side I have to this product is its quite a soft scrub, I personally prefer something a bit more gritty/hard scrub. If you have sensitive skin I think this would be a perfect body scrub!

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