Ocean Salt Self-Preserving

Refreshing sea salt scrub

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An update on our bestselling, brightening lime scrub that makes it vegan, self-preserving and just as rejuvenating and refreshing as the beloved original.

How to use

Using a physical exfoliator allows you to tailor the intensity of your scrub so that it suits your skin perfectly and you don’t go too far. Apply generously to damp skin using a circular motion, rinse away and follow up with a good moisturiser.

Smells like

A poolside margarita; boozy, limey and salty.


Contains limes extracted in Vodka

How to store

Store in cool, dry conditions and handle with freshly washed hands. Best used fresh.

Ocean Salt Self-Preserving
Ocean Salt Self-Preserving
Ocean Salt Self-Preserving
Ocean Salt Self-Preserving
Ocean Salt Self-Preserving

What's in it for you?

If you love the original Ocean Salt but prefer a gentler scrub or want a vegan version, this is the one you want. Made with the same base of scrubby sea salt, softening avocado butter and refreshing lime, our self-preserving formula will still exfoliate, moisturize and brighten, but it will leave more of a protective layer on the skin after rinsing. This is because we've used skin-softening silken tofu, mango butter and japan wax in place of lanolin. And there's no synthetic preservatives in here: bonus!

Customer Reviews

Based on 13 reviews
Does what is described!

I bought this scrub from the Boxing Day sale of 2020 and thought I'd give it a go! I find you have to be gentle when using this scrub on your face, by massaging it in lightly to your skin otherwise it can feel a bit abrasive. It has made my skin feel smooth and refreshed but also nice and moisturised.


I love this! I use it about twice a week and it's a miracle worker! Being someone who has really sensitive skin, this is a life saver because normally whenever I use a scrub my face goes all red and irritated but this does the opposite!


I've had my fair share of skin care products for dryness, over oily ness, and for acne. This stuff does wonders for my skin! Helps a lot with my acne without making my skin either super dry or super oily. I use it at least once a day and it lasts me quite awhile! Super happy and hope you continue to make and sell this.


I've used this scrub religiously once a week for almost 4 years now. I go through pretty much exactly a tub a year, so its very cost effective in my opinion. It is a fairly rough scrub, but if you don't rub too hard (which you shouldn't be anyway, just keep it soft) this scrub does an amazing job of making my skin clean and glowy. The oils in it (I think my skin likes the avocado oil best) make your skin feel freshly moisturised after using it, it doesn't feel dry or stripped at all. Such a good product, smells great, kind of wish there wasn't any essential fragrant oils/other fragrant components in it, but I love it anyway.

Epic exfoliator

Does exactly what it says its going to do. Zinging exfoliator is good for feet and elbows and knees, places with the rougher skin. I always feel very moisturised after using, never dried out like some exfoliators can do. I use it a couple of times a week for a deeper cleanse. Great product!

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