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Naked Mascara


Blue Naked Mascara for deep blue lashes

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Get deep blue lashes for a bold pop of color.

How to use

1 - Hold your chosen naked mascara with clean, dry fingers.

2 - Lightly wet the tip of the brush and place into the mascara shape using very minimal water.

3 - Rub the brush around the inside of the product in circular motions, making sure there is enough product coating the brush.

4 - Brush through the lash hair, just as you would with any other mascara.



How to store

When you’re done, rinse the brush thoroughly and leave it to air dry. Shake your naked mascara to remove any remaining water and leave it to dry. Pop your wand in the insert part of the box and leave to dry.


What's in it for you?

Feeling playful or experimental? Sweep on this lash and ocean-friendly mascara, made with a base of beautiful vegan ingredients and zero plastic packaging. Candelilla wax and acacia gum coat the lashes to create a protective layer, distribute the blue pigment evenly and help the product stay right where it belongs. Included are three wands for various effects, from the thick wand that adds thickness and volume, to a one-sided comb for definition, or a wand with a circular end for separation.

Customer Reviews

Based on 5 reviews
Disappointing Colour

I recently purchased the blue mascara with high hopes of adding a pop of vibrant color to my lashes. However, I must say that I was disappointed with the product's performance. The color barely lasted for half an hour before fading away, which was a major letdown. It was disheartening to see such a beautiful color disappear so quickly, especially considering the premium price I paid for this product. As a loyal customer of Lush, I have always been satisfied with their products, but this blue mascara fell short of the mark. I understand that color longevity can vary from person to person, but I expected better performance from a reputable brand like Lush


Mascara is my holy grail makeup product so I was so excited to try a plastic free alternative. Unfortunately I was really let down by this product! The consistency was too difficult, it was too dry and then too watery — either way the product would not nicely go on my lashes. I have brown hair and the colour was invisible. I’m disappointed that I wasted my money.

Best blue mascara!!!

This is the best blue mascara I have found the colours are amazing you have to use a couple of layers and I love the idea of it being pretty much plastic freee highly recommend :))

Nice idea but

Bought for myself. I have sensitive eyes, it irritated my eyes.
Found using the brushes hard as very thin wand .
Would prefer a block mascara would be easier to use.
If you did make a container like you do with your lipsticks that would be better.
Loved the blue colour.
But for me it's a no.

Had hopes, but...

If you like clumpy, heavy lashes that are stuck together then this is the mascara for you! ... A really nice colour and was excited to use it but wow, this mascara irritated my eyes so much that I had to get it off. The stinging was unbearable. I haven't had a reaction like that since I was a kid using cheap crap out of a magazine. It doesn't even apply very well at all. For the whole of the 2 minutes that I had this horrible stuff on my lashes, they just looked like a stuck together, clumpy mess. I do not recommend.

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