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Shower Bomb

Not Sleepy

Showers of sparkling citrus

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Blast off with this bright yellow shower bomb and fill your shower with a hit of refreshing lemon, orange and lemongrass. Sleepy? Not anymore.

How to use

Gently hold under the running shower as it foams up. Smooth this brightening Sicilian lemon oil and exfoliating, ground white rice-filled foam all over skin before rinsing.

Smells like

Freshly squeezed lemons; the sudden clang of your morning alarm clock.



How to store

Store in a cool dry place.

Not Sleepy
Not Sleepy
Not Sleepy
Not Sleepy

What's in it for you?

Hold the buttercup-colored fizzer under the stream and watch it transform into a cloud of cleansing foam that you can scrub all over for maximum olfactory delight. Shake off the last traces of tiredness with the citrus-and-herbal blend of lemon myrtle, petitgrain and neroli oils, while ground white rice offers just a touch of gentle exfoliation. This is your final boarding call for post-sleep perkiness.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews
Real disappointed

I’d experienced another brands bath bomb recently and was blown away by the idea and the refreshing morning smell so I couldn’t wait to try Lush’s one. Unfortunately to get that hit of refreshing smell I had to hold it right up to my nose and it didn’t linger long which defeats the purpose of awakening the scenes as you shower. Sorry lush disappointed especially as I purchased 3.

Review for not sleepy

I normally love Lush products but this was genuinely such a waste of money, did absolutely nothing apart from sit at the bottom of the shower. Took ages to break down with barely any bubbles, apart from smelling nice. Pretty gutted :(!

Waste of money. Pointless.

One use product. Lasted only a few seconds. Didn't cleanse me. No smell lingering on my body. Fizzled out quickly. No real obvious lemon scent. Barely covered me and I'm small. Not a good product. Complete waste of money.

Smells amazing.

I highly recommend the not sleepy shower bomb because after your morning shower it smells lush and citrusy and it leaves you feeling fresh after your morning shower.

A little put off by the smell but pretty good

Overall the product is good. You can get two uses out of this if you set it aside to dry out after you have worked up a lather in your hands and dont crush the whole thing up.
The only negative that I have about the product was the smell. Maybe was my own sense of smell but it did smell like fish to me. Fish combined with some other nicer smelling ingredients. It doesnt leave you smelling of fish after you have washed it off though.

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