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None Of Your Beeswax

Vegan, lemon curd lip treat

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Cracked and dry lips don't stand a chance. Packed with shea butter, this lip balm is light, sweet, and ready to keep your lips super soft and luscious.

How to use

None of your beeswax. Apply to lips, rub together and allow the murumuru and cupuaçu butters moisturise while japan wax will protect!

Smells like

A subtle lemon pop mixed into creamy butters.



None Of Your Beeswax
None Of Your Beeswax
None Of Your Beeswax
None Of Your Beeswax

What's in it for you?

Get ready to pucker up to this lip balm's ultra-soothing, ultra-moisturizing, and ultra-deliciousness. We packed this one with fair trade shea butter and extra virgin coconut oil, so there's no need for the traditional beeswax, making it totally vegan. Murumuru and cupuaçu butters lock in moisture, while Japan wax provides the protection, and fresh lemon, vanilla and mandarin make for sweet, lemon curd kisses.

Customer Reviews

Based on 15 reviews
Gave me acne around my lips

I've tried a few Lush lip balms and liked them and wanted to try the vegan alternative to Lip Service. First of all, the texture is nothing like Lip Service; it has a kind of jelly-like consistency, almost like vaseline, which I'm not a fan of. It's overly thick and feels greasy when on. Obviously, taste is subjective and, unless you find it repulsive, isn't the main aspect of a lip balm, but I really didn't enjoy the taste of this. It tasted like the kind of lemon I associate with cleaning products, rather than an actual lemon. The worst thing about it, however, is that it has caused me to get loads of spots around the edges of my lips. I have never experienced this before, and it made me really self conscious. I wanted to check it was indeed the lip balm that was causing this, so I stopped using it for a while and went back to it a few weeks later. The acne cleared up when I stopped using it and started again as soon as I started using it again. Everyone's skin is different and this for sure won't be the case for everyone, but I would definitely caution people about this reaction and wouldn't recommend this product at all. Lush in general is also exceptionally expensive for the amount of product you recieve, so I expected muh better than this.

disappointing - uncomfortable to wear

Having read a couple of reviews, the ingredients list and being a lover of honey trap, I wanted to try none of your beeswax out. I was really disappointed how much this product let me down. Upon opening the lovely lemon smell, soon became overpowering after 5 mins of being around and could easily cause a migraine. Then there was an oily layer on top it looked and felt like liquid sugar in a jam jar and didn't sit nice on the lips. Then, after pushing my fingertip into the product to get past the oily/greasy layer, the product was mushy and very runny. The weather was fairly cold, no heating on in the house though, so wasn't melting due to ambient temperature. The product when on my lips didn't initially leave lips soft, however having to wipe off a lot of the extra greasiness, within 30 mins my lips felt very dry and tight, with a tacky feeling. I ultimately had to wash it off and was very disappointed. I can see why some would love this if they have VERY dry skin, but honestly there are better options out there wouldn't recommend


I quite like this balm. It feels lumpy in the pot, but glides on smoothly and has great staying power (between meals at least!). The lemon curd scent is really nice, and the balm does a good job of moisturising my lips which get really dry (it's a hazard of my job!). I'll sometimes use it as a hand cream too, which it's also brilliant for as it's luxurious enough and a little goes a really long way.

Emma Egholm
Always With Me

I love the taste and texture. It doesn't stay on too long, which is a good thing in my book. It keeps my lips moist and me happy! It mixes great with most lipsticks

Love this lip balm!

I looove this little lip balm! It's smooth, soothing, and feels like a good protective barrier to the elements, especially after I've ripped some skin off my lips. Keeps them hydrated and isn't gritty like some of the others. Wish they sold this is the NA stores so I wouldn't have to wait so long to order more. I'm really hoping they keep this for the long run!

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