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Lush Melt

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Delicately floral home fragrance

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Melt away on everlasting florals and scent your space with a peaceful sensation.

How to use

Lush Melts can either fragrance the home or be used as a bath melt.

To fill your world with perfume, break off one or two squares and add to your oil burner.
Approximate burn time is 6 hours per square. Do not leave burner on for more than 6 hours.

To use as a bath melt, just add one or two squares into a nice warm bath. Sit back and let the borage oil provide extra softness for your skin.

Do not add used or melted Lush Melt to your bath.

Smells like

A warm spring breeze washing over a field of wildflowers.



How to store

To make sure your bar only melts when you want it to, keep it in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight.

My Space
My Space
My Space
My Space

What's in it for you?

Bask in a bouquet of heady ylang ylang and soothing everlasting flower. Either drop this breezy bar into a warm bath to additionally nourish your skin with hydrating fair trade organic cocoa butter or pop it into your wax warmer and scent your room with an airy-floral fragrance. Or, do both for extra peace and mindfulness!

Customer Reviews

Based on 6 reviews

I used half a block in a burner with a tea light in a medium sized kitchen. The fragrance permeated the room for hours. It's a gentle and lovely fragrance for a quiet day when you need some nurturing.

Waxy girl
My space lush melts

I'm sitting in my bath waiting for a moisturising experience...all I feel is like I have put a wax burner into my bathtub...wait a minute what? Yeah what made me think that it all made sense?


This stained my bath and made my hair waxy and disgusting. The scent is barely noticeable and the bathing experience is not at all enhanced by this product. Worst thing I’ve ever bought from LUSH.

Smell great…..for a few minutes.

The longevity of the scent is laughable. I have a regular wax burner that uses tea lights. I put a single block into the burner and lit the tea light. It smelled wonderful but then I had to go out so blew the tea light out. The next day I relit the tea light and the wax gave off ZERO scent. I’m not being dramatic - no scent whatsoever.

If the intention was for each block to give off enough scent for only half a tea light - approximately 45 minutes - then well done. However that’s then extortionately expensive!!

I won’t be buying them again which is a shame because it really does smell wonderful.

ps To only give the option of “yes” when asking if I’d buy a product again in the review section is very bad form. I would NOT buy it again.
You’re so very close to losing a customer that spends a very hefty chunk of change in store and online.

Beautiful scent

I purchased all of the new melts in store & got 2 of the ones I liked the most, the sticky dates scented one, the outback scented one & this one which was just as well as I found out the hard way to be extra careful with these. I unpacked my lush haul on my bed, had a good look through it all & put it all away…… or so I thought, I woke up the following morning with the whole bar (that had somehow sneakily hidden itself on my bed… blue bedding may have assisted with this act of camouflage) that must have been dislodged from its hideout during my nightly wriggling & jiggling & somehow made its way underneath me, melted during the night & had completely been absorbed by my pyjamas, my bedding (white top & bottom sheets I might add!) & unfortunately had soaked right through to my mattress leaving it with a huge blue patch on it, which albeit does smell amazing. I haven’t yet had the pleasure of using this as it had been designed to be used but if a lasting scented blue mattress is what you’re after, this’ll be right up your street. Unfortunately my 5 month old, orthopaedic cooling mattress has paid the price for not doing their job properly as ‘cooling’ is obviously not on the menu when a lush melt is involved, the ‘melt’ on the other hand does exactly what it claims to do & smells awesome whilst doing so. Please handle with great care as these are sneaky little things & can easily blend into their surroundings & will vanish into thin air when you least expect it & will leave nothing but a beautifully scented, colourful trail for you to remember them by.

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