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Give dry skin a gentle, cleansing scrub with this vitamin-rich face wash made with exfoliating wheat-based ingredients and hydrating cocoa butter.

How to use

Simply lather in your hands and massage onto your skin for a gentle, hydrating cleanse. Follow with other gentle and moisturising products such as Cup 'O Coffee face mask.

Smells like

Sweet and warm like freshly baked whole grain bread.


Contains wholemeal bread

How to store

Keep this naked cleaner on a soap dish or in a Lush tin to use over and over again.


What's in it for you?

Grab a slice of Movis for a rich and moisturizing clean. This face soap is the first of its kind—its spongy texture is packed full of wheat-based ingredients and is rich in vitamin E to help skin look smooth and radiant. Whole wheat breadcrumbs are mixed right in to help exfoliate away dry bits and revive the skin. And with cleansing labdanum and sandalwood oil, your face will feel refreshed and clear.

Customer Reviews

Based on 52 reviews
Smells so yummy

I love love love the smell! My mom actually thought it's some sort of cake and took a bite and came to ask me what was that. It doesn't remove makeup at all, so I don't think it cleans very well, it's very mild, but it leaves my face soft. Overall, I like it, mostly because of its smell. One minus is that it becomes too soft and it crumbles. No wonder she thought it's cake. It's not the most wonderful soap I 've ever tried but I like it and probably would buy it again, if I find it on discount or if I don't find something else I 'd like to try from lush.

Great Soap, But Breaks Easily

Have been using thus soap for about two months and can say that the soup works well for my skin and I like how it cleans my face. The only issue the soap has is that it is too soft, I would not call it a soap, more of the paste. The soap breaks easily in my hands and when I water it in my hands it falls apart. Only because of the bar quality would be very hesitant to buy it again.

Burned and dried my skin out!

Used this soap once and instantly began to feel a burning sensation on the skin around my mouth. After drying my face I found that to my horror it had caused the skin to feel really irritated and dry, and had turned it an ugly red. Next day, I was relieved to find that the redness was clearing up and that it had not caused lasting damage to my skin. However, today, the skin is visibly dry and cracked. I do not recommend this soap at all.

Smells better when wet!

Bought this online so was a bit disappointed when it arrived and smelt like old bread. As soon as I wet the bar to lather it up the smell changed completely and was a lovely blend of sandalwood with a hint of malt. It’s delicately cleansing while leaving my face feeling beautifully soft and hydrated.

Leaves my skin dry

I decided to try this soap after seeing several reviews stating that it really helped with dry skin, and was good for people with dry skin to use. However, it has seemed to make my skin even more dry than it was prior to using the soap. I'm a little bit disappointed. It's good value, as I know these bars last ages, just unfortunate it's not right for my skin.

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