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Oozing with Sicilian lemons

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Great for hair that's feeling a little dull: this Mediterranean marvel boosts shine, adds subtle volume, cleanses your scalp and leaves you smelling lemon-rosemary fresh.

How to use

Work this lemony bar between your hands or directly onto wet hair to create a citrus fresh lather. Massage through hair and scalp before rinsing and applying conditioner.

Smells like

Picking sun-warmed lemons in a fresh citrus grove.



How to store

Leave on the side in a cool dry place, ideally one of our cork pots, ready for when you need it.


What's in it for you?

Attention, dull hair! Montalbano is on the case. Made with brightening Sicilian lemon oil, lemon juice and fresh olives, it'll make hair shine bright like a diamond from root to tip. Our inventors have also added rosemary to this sudser to help keep irritated scalps soothed, while leaving hair smelling like a fresh citrusy grove with an herbal edge.

Customer Reviews

Based on 111 reviews
Dry and brittle hair

This bar may smell nice but it will strip your hair and I have oily hair as it is so I'm surprised it's done so much damage as I now have hair snapping off

Not impressed

Hi! Not impressed. My hair was left greasy. Will try to change it for another product

Another death to lush's offerings

I have been a lush customer since they first started & have been an devoted customer for all that time, however the decline in products is now making it hard to justify staying loyal. Many exceptional products have been discontinued & mediocre replacements issued to fill the void. This shampoo bar is now one of the victims, the new formulation is awful & does not have the longevity or results delivered by it's predecessor. Loyal customers who have used lush product exclusively for years are now finding alternatives elsewhere which produce better results, last longer & are more competitively priced. My bathroom was 100% lush products for many years, sadly that will no longer be the case as the quality of the products decline. Very sad times.

It’s changed!!!

I’ve used this shampoo bar for almost 2 years, it made my fine flat hair really clean, bouncy and didn’t have to wash it for almost 3 days. I went and purchased a new one this week as I’d run out and I noticed they had changed and one of the staff said they had changed some of the ingredients (more coconut or something) I’ve used it twice now and I’m so disappointed it doesn’t feel the same, my hair feels greasy flat and almost like it looks wet. It doesn’t smell as nice and when I run my fingers through my hair it almost feels like a wax texture and has made my scalp itch. Come on lush why have you changed this!!! I was a shampoo bar convert and used to recommend these to all my friends and family… however i don’t think I’m going to be able to use this anymore 😢


Lemon is used for oily hair and this bar works wonders for my husband's hair, which he washes daily. It's gentle and cleanses well, leaving his hair shiny and soft. He doesn't need to use a conditioner.
Just a tiny amount lathers up amazingly so the bar lasts for ages.

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