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Shower Oil


Buttery, citrus skin softener

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This citrus-scented shower oil will gently cleanse your skin as it gives you a light dose of hydration in the shower thanks to ethically-sourced cocoa butter and rapeseed oil.

How to use

Stroke Minamisoma's regenerative, softening, Japanese rapeseed oil over your body before rinsing for a mild and hydrating shower cleanse.

Smells like

Refreshing lemon sorbet on a hot summer day.



How to store

Keep somewhere cool and dry before you use it and leave it somewhere to dry in between uses


What's in it for you?

In 2011, Minamisoma, a city in northern Japan was devastated by the Tohoku earthquake and resulting nuclear disaster. Most of its residents were evacuated, but in 2016, they were allowed to move back. To replace their ruined rice crops, locals planted rapeseed instead. These wonderful plants remove cesium from the soil as they grow, and their seeds are free from radiation and safe to use. We've packed this sunny lemon-bergamot scented shower oil with this silky rapeseed oil to leave skin feeling oh-so-soft while supporting the farmers of Minamisoma.

Customer Reviews

Based on 58 reviews
Great product but . . .

Love this but it's unfairly expensive here in Ireland....

On Irish website it costs €8.50 but on UK website it's only £5.50 [equivalent of €6.40]....

Come on Lush please sort this out.

I bought it in a shop at the Arndale Centre in Manchester for £5.50 but I don't fancy paying €8.50 online for it here in Ireland.

Lots of other examples of Lush jacking up the euro prices too, which is utterly unfair. Every single euro product costs significantly more than its Sterling counterpart.

PS: This shower oil is amazing and smells amazing.


This is the first product I have ever used which contains Litsea Cubeba. I am addicted. This fragrance is so fresh and delicious. This tear drop shaped bar is a beauty with its 2 tones. And such a leaves skin so soft and smooth and fragrant. It lasts for ages too. Ordered Avocado Co-wash spray afterwards because I saw it contains litsea cubeba too. And it smells the same as Minamisoma. Just superb.

Refreshing lemon

Good clean lemony smell which I loved, however I did find it a little too oily so I swapped to coco loco which I found a little creamier

Love the shower oils!!!

And this one smells like Avocado Co-Wash!!!! What could be better!!! Make sure not to get it wet or it will shrink really quickly but besides that I really love this little bar!! Leaves my skin super soft, no need for any lotions! Can’t wait till it’s available for purchase on the website!!!

One of my faves

First of all, I LOVE the co-wash scent, it's so addictive. So when warm water hits this it melts into a lotion like texture with moisturises the skin so well. The scent remains strong on the skin and the softness lasts throughout the day. Its defo a product that's a little more luxurious, use along side a soap for sure. I'd also recommend taking it out the shower once you're to make it last as long as possible. My favourite shower oil.

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