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Bubble bar

Milky Bath

Bathe in frothy vegan milk

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Milky Bath does a body good with a vegan blend of oat flour, patchouli and Brazilian orange oil for dreamy, soft skin and a delicate scent.

How to use

Hold the bottle by its lid and wave it through running water, or rest it under the running tap. Cascading bubbles, brimming with oat milk and Brazilian orange oil, promise a soothing soak. Dry and reuse.

Smells like

The warm, clean comforting smell of fresh laundry hanging outside to dry.



How to store

Store in a cool, dry place before your first dip, and in between future soaks. Enough for 6-8 baths.

Milky Bath
Milky Bath
Milky Bath
Milky Bath

What's in it for you?

You can milk this one for all it's worth. This reusable version of our classic Milky Bath Bubble Bar has swapped the soya milk powder for oat flour to make for even creamier, dreamier and more soothing bubble bath experience. The grounding scent of patchouli blends with uplifting Brazilian orange oil to leave you feeling perfectly at peace as you sink beneath a blanket of foam. Just hold on to the cap and run it under the tap to create a mountain of bubbles. Then let your bottle dry so you can use it again and again.

Customer Reviews

Based on 67 reviews
Love at first try.

I’m seeing a lot of mixed reviews on the bubble bar but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed this product. I’m a bath lover. Always have been. And I’m always in search of products I can use that I’m not sensitive to. The smell was lovely and filled my bathroom and the extra plus is that I now smell like it too.

I’d love to compliment the person that served me from the werribee store today. I asked about bubble bath and they said that I’d already picked one up in my basket and mentioned how to use it. I imagine that many first time users don’t read the fine print and mistake it for a bath bomb as I had.
Great shopping experience, service and product.

A staple of my bath

Bought this with the expectation of about a week of use as I have large baths every day. Pleasantly surprised when it lasted me a whole month! Very subtle scent, but the one time I decided to not use it the bath smelt completely different - it’s clearly quite a neutral smell, but it means you don’t get sick of it.
It’s very kind on my skin, causing no flare up of my very bad eczema, although I’ve come to expect this skin-kindness from Lush in general.
I was told the yellow “lid” was a butter of sorts, couldn’t find an easy way to incorporate it into baths though, nor did it last long under the tap. Wasn’t buying it for this, though, so no problem there.
Foamed up significantly more than what other reviews said, I only needed to hold it under for 5-10 seconds for a mountain of bubbles.

A lot of effort for little reward

I love the other bubble bars but this one really didn't do it for me. I had to physically break it up and grind it by hand into a paste to run under water. It took about half an hour which didn't make for a super relaxing experience. And it didn't foam up appropriately due to this.

Beautifully Subtle

I'm not usually the biggest fan of reusable bubble bars but I fell in love with this one. At first I wasn't sure how I felt, I wasn't getting too many bubbles and the scent wasn't really there but after a few uses (getting through that outer layer) I started to get mountains of bubbles and such a beautiful fresh clean scent. Definitely recommend if you just want something subtle, it's perfect on it's own but if you wanted something a little more you could pair it with absolutely anything. Great value too, I got 10 baths out of mine

Always part of our bed time routine

I've been using Milky Bath for my daughter's bath time for almost 4 years. It has never aggravated her eczema. So to find a product that is packaging free AND suitable for her skin is a big deal. I'm not overly keen on the smell but then I prefer fruiter scents.

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