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Bubble bar

Mermaid Tail

An energising splash of citrus

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Get your tail in the tub with this softening bath oil-bubble bar hybrid filled with uplifting citrus and heady floral scents.

How to use

Wishing for one bath or two? Crumble the bubble bar section under running water for a zesty grapefruit oil immersion. Alternatively, allow the organic cocoa butter fin to melt in warm water for a softening bath melt-enriched soak. Feeling indulgent? Combine both for the ultimate splash session!

Smells like

Splashy lemon myrtle; sweet and fresh.



How to store

Store these mer-bubbles somewhere cool and dry along with your other whosits and whatsits.

Mermaid Tail
Mermaid Tail
Mermaid Tail

What's in it for you?

The human world is a mess. Get away from it all with our undersea wonder, Mermaid Tail. This two-in-one bathing buddy combines a softening, silky bath oil with one of our classic bubble bars. Choose your own adventure: snap off the top for a dreamy, creamy bath to soothe dry skin and tired limbs; crumble the base beneath running water for sky-high bubbles; or combine them together for buttery, bubbly bliss. Meanwhile, the sweet citrusy scents of lemon myrtle and grapefruit oils will boost your mood, and a dose of heady ylang ylang will keep you grounded.

Customer Reviews

Based on 34 reviews

Normally this is my go to bubble bar for a pick me up as I love the colour it makes in the water an how sparkly it is!
This time though it felt so drying as soon as I got in my skin felt dry an weird I can’t explain it:(
Such a shame as I haven’t been able to get a lush bath for weeks!

Makes Me Imagine I'm In A Fairytale

This is such a cute bubble bar and I love the mermaids (or merman's) fin sticking out of the top.
As the fresh scent of oranges and grapefruits filled the air, the bathwater turned a wonderful shade that reminded me of bluebells and the tail part created from cocoa butter really softened my skin. The whole experience conjured up a fairytale fantasy of being a mermaid in a dreamy tropical lagoon with such a lovely scent and colour. I'll definitely be buying this again.

Not for sensitive skin

My children love how their bath changes colour when I use these as a treat. However my 6 year old son has sensitive skin and eczema. I was told this would be ok to use however after a minute he had to get out as his skin was stinging and itching him. I found the product nice and left
My skin soft however not great for people with eczema prone skin. I had to use a steroid to calm his itching.


Smells really strong of lemon sherbet until you get into the bath then it mellows out a bit. Not the most amount of bubbles ever but still pretty good. The oil is really lovely and moisturising. I wish it lasted a bit longer.


Love this one, smells lovely, perfect bubbles and leaves skin soft. I’m taking off a star tho because as I held it under the running water it all pretty much started to crumble so the whole thing ended up in the bath. Don’t get me wrong, it was amazing to bath in a whole bubble bar but I would have liked to have gotten two uses out of it

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