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Marron Henna

A warm chestnut brown.

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Add a subtle chestnut hue to dark blonde and medium brown hair with this packaging-free alternative to boxed henna made with conditioning cocoa butter.

How to use

Henna is a gloriously messy, hippy process - and the idea is to get as much of it onto the hair as possible! Our essential bamboo henna application brush is ideal for getting extra precision, and our reusable Henna Hair Wrap is perfect for wrapping your hair colour while it develops for redder results. Our unique cocoa butter henna brick is designed to be enough for one head of mid-length hair and melts down with hot water into a rich paste, which you should apply generously. See our top tips for application here.



How to store

Your henna brick will arrive in a beautiful recycled paper packaging, with designs inspired by the organic, floral henna designs traditionally found in Middle Eastern and Asian skin art. Keep your henna brick in its wrap in a cool, dry place, ready for when you use it. Henna bricks are best used fresh and you can put any leftover melted henna in your compost. To continue our commitment to reduce single use plastic, your henna will no longer come with plastic gloves. Please protect your hands with some trusty reusable rubber gloves.

Marron Henna
Marron Henna
Marron Henna
Marron Henna

What's in it for you?

Made with all-natural ingredients, Marron is the perfect starter henna for those who want to go red, but aren't quite brave enough to take the plunge just yet. Instead, Marron will ease you in gently with the perfect balance of daring red and a modest rich brown all while softening, conditioning and adding glorious shine. We blend fair trade cocoa butter with the finest Iranian red henna and ground coffee to create a beautifully rich, traffic-stopping shade.

Customer Reviews

Based on 90 reviews
Pleasantly surprised

I used to use this dye about two years ago but when there had been a change to it and the reviews were terrible I got put off.

I decided to try it again and the colour is great. I’m mixed race and have very curly hair and it’s done a great job of covering greys and dying the lighter parts of my hair. I’m really pleased with the results

I did find it made my hair a little dryer than it used to but nothing a good conditioner can’t fix.

If it's not broken why fix it?

I have been using henna Marron for 10 years. Now you've changed the formula and the colour is completely different. Before it would look natural and now it's fake copper/ginger tone. So disappointed. I waited months for you to bring our the "new and improved" henna bars and the colour is just so unnatural looking. I saw in the other reviews another lady said it was way more ginger than before too..and you said it differs from person to person. Well as I said, I've been using it for 10 years and this is not the same colour it used to be, it's not that "it differs from person to person" its a different colour full stop. I'm soooo disappointed. Looks like I will have to start looking elsewhere.

So happy!!!

I have used Lush Henna since it first came out. I love the coverage on my grey hair and the previous formula was awful but thankfully it is back to it's wonderful self. I used the henna 2 weeks ago and it is fantastic so happy with it. Thank you so much.

Hurray and Well done

Been using your henna for 15+yrs. Love it. Didn't love the 'old' new formula but you listened to our complaint and the 'new' formula is FANTASTIC. It's back to even better than before, the colour is strong and my hair feels silky and soft. it even smells right again (a bit yucky but warming none the less) Thank you LUSH for listening and improving, I'm very appreciative and will continue to be a regular user. Plus price is better too. Pamela x

Don't like the new formula

I would not call this brown at all. It comes out bright ginger. Way lighter than the last formula was. Not very happy at all.

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