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Body scrub

Magic Crystals

Herbaceous, exfoliating potion

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This body scrub is perfect for cooling off on a hot day thanks to tingly mint and also works well as a pre-shave buffer to battle any bumps or ingrown hairs on legs and more.

How to use

Magic needn't be cast with a flick of the wand or a twitch of the nose, it can be cast in the shower. Scoop out a handful and glide over the body, buffing and polishing before rinsing off, your ritual complete.

Smells like

Clear, cold, splashing spearmint waters.



Magic Crystals
Magic Crystals
Magic Crystals
Magic Crystals
Magic Crystals

What's in it for you?

Scrub off bad vibes with the mystical mint energy of Magic Crystals. A bewitching combination of peppermint, spearmint, rosemary and sage ease tired muscles while Epsom and sea salts slough away rough, flaky skin. This rich purple potion also provides a slight lather to get you squeaky-clean.

Customer Reviews

Based on 161 reviews
I love it!

A great exfoliating scrub and the smell is amazing. Very strong minty smell, left my whole bathroom smelling amazing. Leaves your skin feeling so cool and refreshed. Love this product.

Beautifully Invigorating body scrub

I first picked this up as a sample from the till point, oh my gosh I love this, I just had to go and buy more, it's a tingly fresh & vibrant purple body scrub, the herb mixture helps you feel relaxed after a long day,

Nice texture but very overwhelming smell

I’m a big fan of the Rub Rub Rub shower scrub, but decided to give this one a go for a change of pace. The texture of the scrubbing salt is really lovely and the salt grains are slightly larger than those in Rub Rub Rub, giving a very pleasant scrubbing feel and exfoliation. However the reason I haven’t used this scrub more than once is the smell; it is very menthol-y and overwhelming. When using the scrub on my shoulder the smell was so unpleasant and powerful as to make my eyes water and I had to cut my bath short afterwards as the smell was almost all-consuming. Usually I am a fan of Lush’s monty fragrances but this one seems to have strayed from the path a bit; it smells very toothpaste-y, and is not like the Dirty fragrance which I love. Overall I will be going back to Rub Rub Rub because this one really wasn’t my cup of tea.

insanely good

i am obsessed with any 'cool' scents so i had to get it. SO worth it! it's so cooling and calming, it's like a spa trip every time you shower and has renewed my general lush obsession. it lathers super well too. it just leaves you feeling so fresh and nice! i will be stocking up.

only issue i have is the watery consistency, i think it would be better if it was a bit thicker! but also maybe don't mess with (near) perfection. and some people say the cooling effect is too harsh and it leaves them shivery, personally i don't get this, it's only pleasant.

Mrs C
Please, Please do not stop,selling this!

Just amazing! I find it's great on aching muscles. you feel very refreshed and also a bonus in the summer...the cooling effect is lush! smells great and leaves skin feeling soft. love it! Simply enchanting! so please lush, don't ever stop making this!

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