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Unabashedly carnal jasmine, woody sandalwood and creamy vanilla make this sensual perfume the only thing you'll want to wear.

How to use

Cast aside your inhibitions and spritz yourself with this striking floral perfume. Delicate rose, evocative jasmine and intoxicating ylang ylang will be sure to tempt and tantalise all day (and night) long.

Smells like

Heady, intoxicating, carnal jasmine; a steamy midnight tryst.


What's in it for you?

It’s virtually unheard of for a perfume to be this sexy. Lust is a heady mash-up of rich florals and a warm, woody base that lasts on the skin for hours and hours. It's a multi-layered fragrance made up of jasmine, ylang ylang, rose, vanilla and sandalwood making it (and you, by association) unabashedly sexy. Resistance is futile.

Customer Reviews

Based on 57 reviews
Delicious, dirty, indolic Jasmine

Delicious, dirty, indolic Jasmine bomb. I love this perfume. It's heady and sexy and way too much. Addictive. Not a safe blind buy, but oh so amazing if you love true sticky jasmine.
I don't really get anything else from the notes and I'm happy that way.
It does stain clothes so beware.

Amazing smell but..

I really like this perfume but unfortunately it has stained my clothes which is really annoying. Still a lovely scent but the staining is an issue!!

LOVE this

This is my all time fave smell from Lush, apart from Yognog which for some reason, they never re launched as a spray

Stunning but stains!

My favourite perfume to every hit the market and I've tried a lot of Jasmine perfumes. Always get compliments when I wear it. However, as many other reviewers have said this perfume will stain everything it comes in contact with, be warned.

Would buy this for my lifetime if you made a clear version.

Such a lovely scent but stains really bad!

This is my second bottle because I absolutely love the smell it the leaves stains it leaves on my lighter collars, looks like I’ve been wearing super orange fake tan only on my neck!
Unfortunately I’m switching to another scent as this is not ideal for daily use, especially in summer if you wear lighter clothes!

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