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Our cruelty-free, jet-black mascara delivers long-lasting volume.

How to use

Simply sweep this black mascara onto the lashes, applying a few coats of the gentle, buildable formula until you achieve your desired look.



Lush Lashes
Lush Lashes
Lush Lashes
Lush Lashes

What's in it for you?

This vegetarian mascara contains conditioning ingredients like extra virgin coconut oil and gum acacia to deliver long-lasting volume, lash definition and luscious lengths. Carnauba wax and beeswax prevent smudging while fresh wheatgrass infusion nourishes for healthy lashes. You do you; Lush does lashes!

Customer Reviews

Based on 78 reviews
Yuck it’s full of plastic

Why put synthetic PVP in it? I used to trust your brand used micro plastic free glitter etc and was known for being one of the only brands for the environment. Shameful. I used to use this mascara daily now it’s going in the bin

Amazing mascara!

I was sceptical about this one before I tried it. I usually have to use waterproof mascara (I cry when I laugh and my eyes are quite watery), so I was worried how this mascara would work out! It proved me wrong... It made my lashes look so lovely and long, and I found it pretty easy to take off with 9 to 5 cleansing lotion (please bring it back!). I would definitely recommend Lush Lashes for a mascara that doesn't feel like it's damaging the lashes. My eyelashes were evenly separated and definitely looked longer and more defined, big fan!

Impossible to get off!

I’ve been using this mascara for about a month now and although it does makes my lashes look nice and well separated, it’s a nightmare to get off. I have to wash my face twice in the evening, and even then there’s usually some stubborn bits that just won’t come off. I’ve never experienced this with a mascara before - I won’t be buying it again which is a shame as I like the way it looks. More time needed to perfect the formula I think.

Better than YSL

I purchased this on a whim and my goodness it is brilliant. It lifts, separates and lengthens all in just one coat. It is the best mascara I have ever used.

Great mascara

I received "lush lashes" as part of the "try it and tell us" programme. I was very excited to be involved and am happy to report that the product is fantastic.

The first thing I noticed (having used eyes right) was that lush lashes was mush drier. I was worried that this would mean less coverage. However this wasn't the case. The formula when on smoothly and stood up too me applying many coats to build the look I like. It didn't clump or stick my lashes together.

I had no itching either and as I have very sensitive skin I was pleased with this. I am prone to rubbing my eyes CONSTANTLY and the mascara didn't flake or smudge. I even slept in it, like one other reviewer said purely as an experiment for this review, and in the the morning it hadn't shifted and there was no mascara on my pillow.

I remove my make up with water and those re-useable washable make up wipes you can get. Lush lashes came off fine without having to rub excessively or use additional products.

Overall I was pleasantly surprised by how well this mascara worked. I wouldn't say that it replaces eyes right totally, its more like, different products for different jobs. The only thing that could be a negative for some people is that it isn't vegan.

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