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Lip Service

Shea & Beeswax for supple lips

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Your best bet for dry, flaky lips, made with a host of skin softeners like cocoa and shea butters, extra virgin olive oil and more, along with a fruity tangerine scent.

How to use

Enrich your lips with soothing oils and butters and tangy tangerine, running across your lips with your fingers!

Smells like

Subtle citrus mingles with creamy cocoa butter.



Lip Service
Lip Service
Lip Service
Lip Service

What's in it for you?

Flavored with a hint of a citrusy tangerine oil, this rich balm serves up a matte finish that protects lips against the elements. A softening blend of apricot kernel oil, fair trade shea butter and beeswax butter you up for a pout that's smooth, hydrated and oh-so-soft.

Customer Reviews

Based on 25 reviews

This is exactly what i need for my lips. This heals chaps instantly, but the formula is not soft like honey trap. It is very waxy, but i love this formula, DONT DISCONTINUE because this is so long lasting and one of my fave lush balms.

Yummy lips!!!

I love all the Lush Lip Service balms. They are the only balm that works for me (I have tried a bazillion) They last for ages! It really sinks into your lips and makes them feel nourished and soft. They smell so yummy too. I like the smell of the citrus balm!

Lip Service Serves Its Purpose

I was looking for a suitable balm as a replacement and came across this product at Lush. Really what got me to buy it were the reviews--I too pick at my lips and they are frequently dry and chapped (though I probably also need to hydrate more as well). The product has a light lemon smell but the moment I apply it I don't smell it anymore which is good (I usually prefer scentless). You don't need a lot to apply and it's very moisturising with a bit of a sheen on the lips. My lips already feel relieved with using this product so I had to share my review of it. I plan on ordering it from now on and I'm so glad I read the reviews.

Rescued my lips!

I have had the habit of picking my lips due to dryness (and probably anxiety) for years. I've tried a lot of products - including highly recommended and natural - which made no difference.

I realised some products were only protecting my lips (like a barrier) but not actually adding moisture to them. I decided to try Lush's Lip Service as there were great reviews.

I've used this for a week, but saw results within the first few days. It smells amazing (like lemon sorbet), there's plenty of product, and my lips are actually smooth and plump for the first time in a long time. I used to have cuts and blisters on my lips from picking them, and they were always dry and flaky. Now I don't feel self conscious about them. I even wore a matte lipstick on New Year (which usually makes my lips worse the day after) but I removed and put on this balm and the next day they were still soft. This has now become my staple product and I hope LUSH never decides to discontinue it xxx

Worlds of wonder

This lip balm is so good, I can’t imagine my life without it. The beeswax helps my lips feel great especially working outdoors. A real life saver this is

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